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Replacing fifth wheel hitch


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Hi all,


We have gotten three new rvs over five years without replacing the hitch in the truck bed. The one we have is a 15,000 lb hitch in our long bed Dodge ram. We are right at the limit and are getting a bit nervous.


So any advice on hitches would be appreciated. I don't think we'll be getting an fifth that is heavier than we have now (but you never know!). Also what to do with the old one?


Thanks in advance!

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check the mounting pins for wear and the latching mechanism , If in doubt go to RV dealer and have them look at it...squirt some black paint on it and go another five years or sell it on craigslist and buy a new one. Unless you have been doing some serious slam banging while hooking up it should be fine ! ;)

Jim Spence

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When you consider that HDTs and the miles and years that they put on their hitches....I wouldnt worry about your hitch. Inspect it and look for any obvious signs of wear or cracks or failed welds but I doubt you will find any. Plus a new hitch could have a defect as much as any used one......these things dont really wear out.

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Easy....you said you have a 15K hitch. Annual cleaning, lube and grease and an inspection will ensure it's in good shape. Ours is 8 years old and I do the maintenance twice a year. No problems....yet.

That said.....how much does your fifth wheel weigh??? If you "think" it's 15K either weigh it to be sure or get a 20K hitch. If you have been through 3 fifth wheels in 5 years I think there's a good chance you'll have more. If that's the case they will probably be larger or heavier meaning a large hitch. I do not believe in running things at their max rating. I'd have a hitch that is at least 2K more than a fifth wheel. My opinion. Greg

Greg & Judy Bahnmiller
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As suggested, take it apart, clean it up and check for wear, if it isn't worn to the point it is unsafe then lube it up and keep it. Most decent hitches if kept clean and lubed will last a long time. Un-lubed and full of grit they can wear the pivots out in a few years.


If it needs replaced I'd be really tempted to just buy another that will fit the existing mounts to save the expense of re-doing them.

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