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Alaska on the marine highway


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Hi all,


We're going to take our second trip to Alaska this summer. We want to travel the interior passage. We have a 38 foot fifth wheel and two dogs. I've read all the info from Alaska department of transportation about traveling the highway and the procedure with dogs.


I would love to hear from someone who has done this trip. Especially someone who has dogs.


Thanks in advance!

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One of our Alaskan trips was from Bellingham, WA via the Alaskan Ferry through the Inland Passage. We didn't take our RV on that trip. We rented when we got to Skagway. We did this May 15 and it was very enjoyable. We saw lots of wildlife on shore and in the waters and the tide was just right for entering a small cut-off route that the ferries can't do all the time. We passed a little village that doesn't see many visitors. They all came running down to the waterfront to greet us and our captain slowed way down so we could chat with them. It was a neat experience. It was fun talking with fellow passengers who were natives traveling from island to island. There was even a football team traveling to play against another team. We stopped at Juneau and had plenty of time to tour Mendenhall Glaicer. There were buses waiting to take us there. Another long stop was Ketchikan which was a neat little town. The other stops were quickies.


I understand pets have to stay below in the vehicles but they allow certain visitation/potty break times. We would highly recommend the ferry.

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We did the ferry a couple of years ago. We got on in Prince Rupert, no reservations. Did Ketchikan - POW - Ketchikan - Wrangle - Petersburg - Juneau - Sitka - Juneau - Skagway. We had a Yorkie. All of these legs were 7 hrs or less, and I imagine she slept all the time. Did a fast ferry Juneau - Sitka - Juneau instead of a longer ferry Petersburg - Sitka so she would have shorter trips. The fast one was the only reservation we made. We were in a 25', stayed a week or 2 each stop.

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This past summer we went to Alaska we thought we might take the inland route back until I contacted the ferry company and OMG what they wanted for our 32' fifth wheel and truck would have broke the bank.....Plus they told me I would have to kennel the dog and cat at an additional charge.....so we dropped that idea real quick.....

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Pets remain in the RV, but there are designated times to walk them. All propane is off. You may not stay in the RV. Staterooms are available, or theater seats, or tent camping under the skylight. Meals are available.


Consider driving to Prince Rupert and taking the ferry one stop at a time. At the prevailing temperatures, leaving your refer off for 24 hours is no biggie. Longer trips the refer, the dogs and yourselves may not be too happy.


It can also be done by ferry to Vancouver Island from Vancouver, driving north, ferry to Prince Rupert, and ferry to Alaska.


As noted it is not inexpensive, but some have found it wonderful.

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