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Rand McNally's Trucker tablet/GPS/dashcam

Bill Joyce

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It is interesting. Thanks for the link. I wonder if they have a selectable configuration for RVs (and cars) already. Seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to configure and their major competition (Co-Pilot Truck) has it. There were a few comments on that page from truckers wondering why they'd buy this GPS when they have Co-Pilot Truck. And Co-Pilot Truck is a LOT cheaper at $150; especially if you already have a tablet.


The dash cam feature might be nice for some drivers. But there are dash cam apps out there (here are three for Android phones and tablets: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/dash-cam-android-comparison/). Of course, if it's being used as a dash cam then it's not available for games or taking notes, etc. But so many of us now have older GPS-enabled phones and tablets that may no longer have Internet (or calling) features but still work well enough and have WiFi (and can be tethered) that all we need is the software.


For now I use an old version of Co-Pilot Truck that is on an SD card that plugs into a 7" Magellan GPS (giving me two GPS units in one) but I'm going to upgrade next year so I like to keep up.


But I really think that tablet and smartphone apps are where the market will go with so many people buying newer versions of tablets but not selling off their old versions. We'd give our old units to the kids and grandkids but they already have more of them than we do. LOL



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