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Help finding the right RV


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We are looking for the RV we will use to full-time, and can't find what we need. What Make/Model might we have missed? Our criteria are:


New unit

Class C or B+

26 feet long or less

No slides, or at least slides that aren't required to be open to access bed, bath etc on quick overnight stops

Quality construction

A window next to a seat so our passengers and/or dog can see out

Solar option

Compressor refrigerator

Full or queen island bed (walk around)

Dry bath


Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Thanks for your reply The LTV island bed model was the one we had decided on. Then they eliminated the windows by the passenger seats in a mid-model year change, and that was a deal-breaker for us. (What were they thinking eliminating half of the coach Windows?) So we are searching again :-(

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