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Low Pressure


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Are you sure that you don't have a bypass valve in the wrong position? Have you opened the relief valve to vent air out of the water heater to be sure that it has filled? It is possible that the check valve is bad, particularly if you didn't use a new one with the installation. It could also be that the new install introduced some sort of debris into the system so try removing the screens from each faucet to be sure that they are clean, although that would impact the cold side also.

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I'm wondering if you knocked some crud loose during the installation and that crud is partially blocking the hot water line? Dave.

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Although messy, the only way to do this is one step at a time. If it were me I would disconnect the hot water plumbing form the heater, attach a hose and check for pressure....Then work your way down stream until you find it.


Yes, make sure there's not a check valve in line somewhere.

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There is no check valve in my hot water line. In my first message I forgot to mention the pressure in the cold water line is okay, full pressure.

Referencing Kirk's photograph, since you said you do not have a check valve in the hot water outlet, you will have a 3rd 1/4 turn valve as part of the bypass kit. That 3rd valve must be open, exactly like the cold water bypass valve. Some installations have a check valve on the cold water inlet, if your does, insure it is installed the correct direction.


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