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Google ties iPhones, iPads to Chrome with Remote Desktop


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"The free app fulfills promise of 9 months ago and brings remote control to iOS.


The remote control app for personal computers -- Windows, Mac and Chromebook -- has been available since 2011, while a beta version for Linux was introduced in July 2014.


The debut Monday of the iOS app completes the roll out of Chrome Remote Desktop for the most-used desktop and mobile operating systems.


Google's strategy for Remote Desktop is in the same vein as its Chrome and Chrome OS game plans: By tying the remote control app to its browser -- which in turn is the foundation for Chrome OS -- the company promotes that browser and keeps users running it.


Google has made no secret of its push to subvert devices running rivals' operating systems and turn them into pseudo Chromebooks by shifting features from Chrome OS to Chrome the browser, and with Remote Desktop on mobile, to reinforce that lock-in to Chrome. Analysts have viewed the strategy as part and parcel of Google's desire to insert itself and its core services -- search, mapping, email and others -- onto as many systems as possible, personal computers and mobile devices both, to optimize traffic and associated ad revenue."


The rest of the article is here: http://www.infoworld.com/article/2871278/mobile-technology/google-ties-iphones-ipads-to-chrome-with-remote-desktop.html?phint=newt%3Dinfoworld_tech_google&phint=idg_eid%3D6aa01e18b29f7b6f9149f611f8eac228#tk.IFWNLE_ifw_goog_2015-01-22


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