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Presentation at ECR


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I have been contacted by a commercial air and ground medical transport company that would like to give a short coffee and donut presentation at the ECR. Since I consider this as "our" rally not "mine" I solicit input from those attending. The link is provided so you can make a judgement. In fairness to this company I do not want them to make a trip from Texas if there is no interest or would be no attendance at the presentation. Thanks for your consideration.



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To my mind, SkyMed's presentation would better be served at the National HDT RV Rally, rather than at the ECR. While we have had a few RVers with commercial interests make presentations at the ECR, those presentations were more aligned with HDTs, HDT maintenance, HDT beds/bed-building, HDT upgrades and improvements, etc. Furthermore--again, this is personal to me--the ECR is primarily a social event that just happens to have some presentations which share individuals' solutions to issues common to other RVers (especially, HDT RVers), whereas, the National Rally is directly educational, directly commercial, and has scheduled social events (but, limited impromptu social times).


If I have no other things that I want to get done on my HDT (or RV) at the ECR, I would probably attend the presentation; but, their presentation would be much further down my list of things to do at the ECR. On the other hand, if their presentation were to attendees at the National Rally, I would very much, most likely attend it.


Again, those are just my personal opinions.

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I believe SkyMed was at one of the National HDT Rallies at one time a few years before Gail and I took it over. We may have them back some time in the future. As far as having them at the ECR, my feelings are a lot like Raymond's, keep the ECR more social with some educational stuff thrown in. I know that some of our "members" (and I use the term loosely) do some selling, like Henry and David, but I still see it as a social event. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong :unsure:

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Skymed and other such services are something to be aware of and can be very useful in time of need, I think that a presentation at the national rally or Q would probably serve their interests better, with more exposure to a larger group, let the ECR remain mostly social event.


Since the topic of getting home has been brought up is their any formal plan or organization that would help to transport your rig home in case of major event that required the use of a service like Skymed to transport a companion home?

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