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New Tires- Steer or All Position

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A "steer" tire is essentially an all-position tire, since their tread design allows them to be run in any position. Tires with more aggressive tread designs that are designated as "drive" tires can't be run as a steer tire because of their inherently odd handling characteristics.

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Steers--tread pretty much straight grooves around the tire, designed for low rolling resistance and tight steering response. Used on hard pavement & trailers.

Drives--bunch of different treads, but mainly designed to "drive" the vehicle forward. Tread aggression depends on typical use, from almost steer to "mud hog".

All position---Steers modified to provide a bit of "drive" in non-hard pavement conditions. Usually used for trucks that stay on the road most of the time.

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What the Phils said.


Basic Position Definitions

Basic Application Definitions

Basic Tread Patterns (Rib, Lug, Rib-Lug, Block)


For RV use an All-Position Regional tire is a good place to start. This tire balances the scrubbing stresses from campground surfaces and maneuvering with good highway use (rolling resistance).

Using an all-position tire also provides the opportunity for regular tire rotation.

BUT tire type selection does depend on your own specific uses, lifestyle and values.

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