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Spying on wireless devices - Something to think about


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An interesting idea for capturing keystrokes from wireless keyboards, probably not a big threat but it could be used to capture data from a 30 to 45 foot circle around the device.






Privacy and security researcher Samy Kamkar has released a keylogger for Microsoft wireless keyboards cleverly hidden in what appears to be a rather large, but functioning USB wall charger. Called KeySweeper, the stealthy Arduino-based device can sniff, decrypt, log, and report back all keystrokes — saving them both locally and online.

This is no toy. KeySweeper includes a web-based tool for live keystroke monitoring, can send SMS alerts for trigger words, usernames, or URLs (in case you want to steal a PIN number or password), and even continues to work after it is unplugged thanks to a rechargeable internal battery. That’s an impressive list of features, especially given that Kamkar told VentureBeat the whole process “took a few days” including a few over Christmas break and this past weekend when he decided “to properly document it.”


Makes you wonder just how secure any of your wireless gear is that doesn't explicitly use strong encryption. Now we know there is an issue with the Microsoft keyboards but we don't know about the rest of the brands out there. We also don't know if this technique has been put to use by someone not interested in writing an article about it.

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