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CES Intel announcment

N TX Dave

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Intel introduced their 4" Intel® Compute Stick, which is awesome in my book it open up a whole new type of computer. So you plug in this small computer in any TV or monitor that has a HDMI port with bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you now have a big computer for $150 for Windows or $89 with Linux.


Compute When, Where, and How You Want

The Intel® Compute Stick is a new generation of computing that transforms any HDMI* display into a fully functional computer. Ready to go out of the box, the Intel Compute Stick offers the performance, quality, and value you expect from Intel. Pre-installed with Windows 8.1* or Linux*, get a complete experience on an ultra-small, power-efficient device that is less than four-inches long, yet packs the power and reliability of a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor. Its built-in wireless connectivity, on-board storage, and microSD* card slot also enables a more versatile experience across PC-like embedded, business, and consumer usages.

This is the Intel Compute Stick, a humble HDMI dongle that houses a full desktop computer experience. It's not a particularly powerful one—you get a quad-core 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of solid state storage—but it does have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and both a full-size USB port and a microSD card slot for expandability. As long as you're not gaming and find yourself a decent couch controller, you could probably do quite a bit from this tiny PC!

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Or perhaps this?




I really liked that item too. It is a Windows 8.1 tablet in a stick eliminating the screen and tablet battery in favor of the external TV as screen and the wall wart always plugged in for power. I too thought it was fantastic when I saw it in the early reports thus my article here too.



Now that IS interesting. A Chinese company is already selling it retail huh? Same item and specs. Just their name on it.

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