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Escapade, meet & greet?

Kirk W


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  1. 1. If attending the Tucson Escapade, would you like to have a forum social hour?

    • I am attending next Escapade and I will be at the social hour if held.
    • I am attending Escapade but have no interest in a forum social hour.
    • I am attending Escapade and might attend, depending upon what else is happening.
    • I am not sure but if we will attend Escapade we would attend the forum social.

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I thought that I'd post this in General rather than Road to Escapade, just be be sure that anyone who is considering attending Escapade will see it. The Escapade directors have contacted me to see if there is any interest in having a social hour for forum members again this year, as we did in Goshen last year? I will reserve a space and get it on the schedule, but it all depends upon the response. Attendance was fairly good last year, particularly since it was at the same time as a couple of BoF socials.


I didn't include any "I won't be there" choices as we assume that if you do not respond you probably are not planning to attend. Thank you everyone for helping out with the planning.


So how about it, would you be interested if we hold one... See attached pol.

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One other request, if you would be willing to help host the gathering, please post here as well. Last year we just got some snack trays at Sam's and had coffee & ice tea. We then took up a collection to pay for the stuff and all over that cost was donated to CARE. We don't have to do the same thing but it worked out and was pretty easy. The typical gathering is only for about an hour to hour & half.

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