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OK time to go. DW and I are setting out on our full time adventure, we have been married 50 years next July....we are getting our ducks in order, like selling off a collection of 13 motorcycles, a shop full of tools, a couple of cars, a house, current Desert Fox TH and endless stuff.

We are headed to Las Vegas to the Bonhams and Mecham auctions to sell a couple of our vintage bikes (a 1947 Indian Chief and a 1966 Triumph Street Tracker). We will be stopping on the way there and back to scout out our new home.

We are leaning towards the Voltage 3800. I really like the DRV Full House except the garage, at 10' won't hold our motorcycles, bicycles, tools and washer/drier plus it only holds 100 gallons of water compared to 160 in the Voltage.

This will be our third toy hauler, so we kind of know what we are looking for. We intend to boondock as much as possible and this TH looks like the one. What say ye?


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Check out forks RV as well. Message me with any questions.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We have quite a few bikers here but not many with the collection that you have.


The New Horizons was my first thought also for getting exactly what you want in a toy hauler. They will build you pretty much anything that you want, but you do need to make sure to have plenty of truck to tow them with.

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If you have questions on New Horizons we can help you. Take a look at the info on our website.


The three I'd recommend for custom are: New Horizons, Forks RV, and Spacecraft.


All of them are heavy. All of them are totally custom - and I mean totally. Every cabinet and fixture, and of course floorplan, is exactly as you specify. Box size and access methods are yours to specify, etc. They can be as basic or as luxurious as you want, or as your budget allows. Pricing from High to low (in general) will be Forks, New Horizons, Spacecraft. Forks and NH will be pretty close in price and petty well above the Spacecraft. You would not go wrong with any of them. None of them will be under $160K, actual price, for a larger toy hauler optioned out. And they could/would be significantly more, depending on how you customize and the amount of equipment. All will build out into the 52' range.

Forks and Spacecraft will do a semi-based coach as well as a conventional 5er. For a toyhauler the semi would have a step-deck. Or a power gate. NH does conventional 5er framing only. If you want to discuss the merits of both approaches you can email me - or with any questions you might have.


These are heavy coaches. You do get a significantly better structure than production coaches. ALL will require at least a Dodge 5500 to pull. Minimum. I recommend an HDT, for flexibility and cost savings.

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