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How much should it cost to reseal the manifold

Brad & Jacolyn

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Hi Guys,

The Volvo is in the shop and they tell me the exhaust leak smell in the cab is from a leaking exhaust manifold. They have not given me a price yet but it sounds like it will be a bit high (and I'm not even going attempt to tackle it myself). How much should this job cost. I'm making the assumption that resealing means replacing an exhaust gasket. Am I right about this? What damage will I do (other than suffocating myself) will I do if I don't fix it? Engine damage?



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If I remember correctly I paid a little over 2000.00 to have it done. I would have to check my records though to be sure.

There is a lot of stuff that has to come off to get the manifold off, time-consuming job. I had to have the maifold replaced due to cracks in it, and from what they told me this is a common issue .


If you do not get it done you might start to smell desiel fumes in the cab while driving, if you idle for extended periods you will suck the fumes into the cab. Both not great situations. As far as damaging the engine, no worries there.


It is a safety issue so they will not safety your truck as along as it has the leak, if you have to do an emissions test they may not do it until it is fixed.

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It needs to be fixed. It affects turbo boost, fumes in cab are bad, soot from exhaust will plug air filter, it's a big job to do your self but doable, close inspection of parts for corrosion on sealing surfaces is important, replace all gaskets when in there not just the failed one.

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It will affect -

boost pressure - the exhaust gases spin the turbo to make pressure- less exhaust less spin.

exhaust brake - exhaust brake essentially stuffs a potato in the pipe, if it is leaking, less back pressure, less braking.

exhaust comes out hot. Check your pyrometer, 600*F. or so. If there is any wiring around the leak, it can melt the wire insulation and cause ??? other things.

Same if there are any air lines, melting.

Diesels stuff a lot of air in the cylinders. Usually an excess. So carbon monoxide is not really an issue like it is with a gas. So some smell, some soot.


Possible leak spots. Exhaust gasket, You have a split manifold (joint in the middle), so there, output from the manifold, exhaust brake manifold, turbo housing, recirculation cooler(s), lines to the intake manifold.


I'll point them out to you tomorrow. We are in 177 by the office.

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First, always get a second opinion and if possible, personally verify that this is what it needs. I have had several different times that I was told I needed some expensive work done only to eventually (and before I paid for it) found that the diagnosis was wrong and I did not need a new $$4400 Transmission computer. I just needed a bent pin in the ECU connector straightened out. Same was true for replacing the x-y selector unit when the actual problem was the range selector solenoid. $35 instead of several thousand $$.


Might also check the flex coupling for leaks and be sure it is on tight on both ends. Even though it is almost behind the engine it will put fumes in the cab in a heartbeat. Fixed mine 3 times.


First time was when the flex rib tore loose and created a seam crack around the middle. Replaced the flex pipe.


Second was when the guy that fixed the first one did not tighten the clamp to the rear of the turbo and it was hanging down on the new flex extension. Fixed that myself.


Third time was when the new flex extension rusted through (a couple of years later) because I went cheap and did not buy the stainless steel flex coupling for a few $$ more. Had a quick service mechanic in Sioux Falls, SD fix that with a SS flex.


I hope that is what it is because it is pretty easy and cheap to fix and does not require a Volvo mechanic.

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I already replaced the flex pipe and have inspected it a few times when I was looking for this leak. I have been all over the engine and have found nothing. The last time I had the oil changed the mechanic said that he thought there was some soot showing on the manifold that could be a leak but I never could see it. I called around yesterday to a couple of shops and one said that it was a 4 - 6 hour job and another said it could be as much as 8 - 10 hours. Now I need to have Volvo tell me how long a job this will be and then decide. One guy told me to properly do the job the manifold should be removed and resurfaced.


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