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Mods/Repairs for Class A


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How easy is it to make mods to a class A? I am specifically thinking about adding switches, doing repairs(like plumbing), running a line for a catalytic heater etc.


We currently have a fifth wheel and most things are reachable via the large front storage, after that we crawl underneath the trailer and fix things from underneath.

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I have owned travel trailers and motorhomes but never a fifth wheel so my response is probably not absolute, but I have made many modifications to our RVs and really haven't found any to be ideal but neither have they been impossible. A great deal will depend upon where the modification is located and what sort of thing you wish to do. As with any RV, you will need to run wires or plumbing either through the cabinets or under the floor. With a class A the under floor area is a bit more difficult to access but once the change is made everything is better protected than with any trailer. My opinion is that which would be more difficult would depend upon what the modification was and where it was located. In most cases, it would be pretty much the same degree of challenge.

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I think a lot depends on the coach as well. How involved is the fit and finish of the coach? For example, my coach is a bear because they have closed in everything, including all the basement storage areas to a point that access panels or other "fluff" has to be removed to get into anything. Getting to the ceiling AC filters involves pulling panels down from the ceiling to even see the outlets. Then the covers have to be removed to gain access to filters. The finish is very pleasing to look at but not fun to have to work on.


All the basement areas have covers over all frame members. To gain access to the areas where the built in surge protector and inverters are located involves lying in the cabinet and removing and access panel to get in there.


There are also access panels within cabinets (kitchen and bath) inside to get at much of the plumbing. You get my drift. Some of these coaches are not as easy as others to change things in. The "fluff" is nice to look at and live with, but makes repairs and changes much harder.

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I just added a line in my MH for my Big Buddy heater .....was a bit of a job getting access to the fittings but its done now.

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