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Help me choose a motorhome


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Hi, my name is Debe. I am a widow and live in San Diego. I sold. 31ft class C when my husband died, but I now want to travel. Here are the 2 options:


1. 24 ft 2006 Fleetwood Jamboree class C with 89,000 mikes for $23,500 by private seller

2. 24ft 2001 Fleetwood Tioga class c with 36,000 miles for $15,000 by private seller

Which would be the better buy? Newer with more miles, or older with lower milage. I plan to travel full time for a full year and then decide if I want to go longer. I need a dependent vehicle.

Any and all thoughts are welcome. I know to have a professional check out the rig before I purchase. Thanks.

Now, if I can just figure how to put a picture to this name,



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Photo stuff is in your profile, click your name to the left of your post to get there. Once it opens click the Edit Profile button and you will see:


My Settings, Profile Settings, General Account Settings, Photo (a button)
This link may take you there too but with this forum you never know. :-)




Once you push the Photo button you get a pop-up where you can pick an existing photo, link to one on a website or upload one from your computer.


You have an option for a larger photo in your profile as well as something fairly small in your signature if you want to do that at some time.




I'm torn on which Class C to pick, I'm not really familiar enough to make a recommendation but the 2001 isn't that much older and the miles look really good, $8000.00 still in your pocket will cover a lot of repairs too. Older may be cheaper to licence and insure too. I'll look forward to hearing other's opinions.

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If you gave us the year model of each we could perhaps get some idea of the market values to give an opinion, but without that, any opinion would be no more than a guess. With used RVs the key to any purchase is the condition of both the RV part and also the chassis. I would want to know why the one has so few miles. What sort of wear is on the inside of each one? What is the condition of the appliances in each of them? Do they have metal or EDPM roofs? Have they had or do they have any sings of leaks? Have any of the appliances been replaced? How old are the tires (based upon the date code on the tire)?


We need a lot more information to give valid advice.

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Thanks Stan.....took me a while, but I finally figured it out

Kirk....thanks but I don't know the answers to your questions. I think I entered the year and models but I will continue to look. I can't wait to find a motor home and hit the road. Your questions will be asked when I go look at motor homes. The 2 I mentioned sold.....I'm finding everything I am interested in, sells really quickly.

But thanks again for your suggestions.


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Debe, You gave the year and length, not model, they sure don't try to make it simple for us to figure out.


There are usually several different models of each brand at each length, they vary in trim, floor plan and other areas so the model is important. It may be as simple as a single letter after the length or it can be a name with or without a following letter.


Wish the RV questions had as simple an answer as the forums. :-)

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Debe, I'm sorry but I completely overlooked the year in your post. Guess I need to clean my glasses!


For the #1 the NADA website lists the average retail price as $32,500 to $29,260. They only list one 2006 of 24' length.


For the 2001 the NADA website lists average retail price as $13,139.


I suggest that if you are serious about buying any older RV, before you buy it make a visit to your local library and ask if they have a current copy of the NADA used RV price guide because the paper version is kept more current and has much more information in it. Remember that dealers do not give any credit for optional equipment of things added later by the owner so just use the base prices. This one will also list the wholesale price and typical loan value. You can also buy a copy if you wish and that may make it easier to negotiate a price.

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"I can't wait to find a motor home and hit the road."


I hope that you won't allow your eagerness to do this lead you into making a poorly-informed, hasty decision, particularly if you plan to *fulltime* in what you decide on. There is a *lot* of junk on the market, new and used, and doing the "homework" to go about finding the "right" rig for you will (or should) take some time to sort through all the details and learn as much as you can about how to evaluate engineering, design, build quality, and real and potential trouble spots of class Cs before parting with any cash. The information on these websites, particularly Les Doll's primer (rverscorner) on buying a used RV, may be helpful:

JMHO, but I would stay far away from entry-level class C rigs (and, IMO, that definitely includes any Fleetwood product) and check out "pre-loved", well-maintained models of Lazy Daze and/or Born Free.

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