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  1. 500-800 a year id make a trip somewhere else like FL or Sd and register there. Komifornia is out of there minds. 110 a year for my topkick and 45 for my massive 5ver.
  2. Speaking of landing gear. Mine dont weep. But the previous owner replaced mine. They look like those that come on a continental. anyone recall seeing one and maybe know who made the jacks. The legs are a good 6 inches in diameter. Think semi trailer. I dont know what brand they are but if imagine one jack could lift the nose.
  3. I like the landing gear i have and it similiar or the exact gear used on the continentals. the landing gear tubes are about 6x6 in size. Almost like the gear on a semi trailer. Big wide feet like a big trailer as well. no way you eould ever bend those unless you were trying to.
  4. Jayco made a Seneca that was an FL70 truck underneath
  5. you need an air ride hitch from trailer saver or ET hitches. the 5th wheel will never be heavy enough to spring the suspension on the tractor. it will beat the frame of the 5ver to death. cracked welds etc. the goosebox isnt enough absorbtion period
  6. Probably if had to guess 235/80/16 or maybe even a 7.50x16 as they are rates for the weight too.
  7. sounds like house battery is no good. as when plugged in to shore power. its getting power from the inverter. do you have two batteries and the load is split between the two. might be some where to start looking
  8. Well not sure based in previous comments. But i have one of those bigger rigs negatively spoke of. Ive made upgrades and upsizing over the years. Started at 30ft Prowler before i knew better. To a CarriLite to a Newmar Kountry aire 39rkwb. Now a 45ft Teton "Big and Tall" Reliance Experience XT4. Reason being always liked the tall part. Only seen a few of these ever. 6'8" in bed room is nice for me at 6'6". Big just meant 6ft longer then my last rig. Yeah 4 slides huge storage and lots of capacity (4115 CCC on the sticker) Awesome cabinetry and a smart floor plan. Just me and my shih tzu so p
  9. Not inferior. they just looked to be maxed out or straining. the new tires stay round the GY look like they had flat spots just sitting on the ground with them bearing the weight. yes properly aired up too. I had GY614 on my Newmar good tires. For my Teton just needed more tire i thought.
  10. my gvwr is 24k on the sticker. last weighed 6k on the pin and 17k on on the axles.
  11. I was told that is specifically what the officer looked at. The sticker in the door jam. Front and rear axle weight ratings as well as trailer weight ratings as well. And based his findings on that. This is what I was told I don't believe my neighbor would tell a story as I seen the ticket as well. I was suspect at first and started digging into the law.
  12. I do what I can when those that ask will listen. I simply posted this info to let the RV community know they seem to be cracking down on those that are overweight and its noticeable specifically here in Oklahoma. A word to the wise...be careful. It would stink have to drop the 5ver and go buy a truck or call a towing company to get compliant. If the officer wants to push it that far.
  13. My Neighbor come over to chat and discuss RV's etc. He is staying in the park 2 sites over. He came right over to chat etc and ask questions when he returned from being caught. He was in fact headed east on 40 to the scales at the truck stop. He had been on 40 for just a few miles when he seen flashing lights behind him. Walking up to discuss the tail light and brake light matter and asking for license etc. Is when the officer seen the truck squatting excessively and brought up the weighing matter. Excessive squatting in his case the headlights would have been pointed to the sky at night. Th
  14. Yes bought it used. I seen the tires and new they needed to be replaced and off to the trailer place i went. Instead of the 235/85/16. I went straight to 17.5..........235/75/17.5 to be exact best thing I ever did.
  15. State Farm insured my Topkick 4500 as a normal vehicle. No commercial insurance.
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