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  1. Thank you very much! I appreciate the encouragement and advice! I’ve calmed down a bit. Was entirely over stimulated with all the info.
  2. Good evening! We are heading into full time RV life (newbies for sure) we are buying a DRV Manhattan. We thought we had the towing and appropriate truck for the trailer. Did all kinda of research. We have now confused ourselves to tears. While I believe knowledge is always king! We kinda biffed it on this one folks. I’m not asking for you all to make up our minds. More like if we could borrow yours for a reboot! Please forgive us our lingo is not up to par and at this point a MDT or HDT means gobbley gook to my mushy brain. Shoot I don’t even know if mdt is the proper term. I apologize. Selling our home buying a 5th wheel and truck along with home schooling. Health issues and general exhaustion has really fried my brain. Makes me want my mama! Please if you have any solid information we can glean from you seasoned pros. We would be eternally grateful in all seriousness. Thank you for your time and patience with us!
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