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    I am a virtual assistant by trade, a mother by grace and a traveler by choice!

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  1. Thank you for ALL of your help and suggestions! I think getting her involved might be a fabulous solution!!! We can definitely venture outside of internet service as I do have means on my own. However if I am in the middle of no mans land that isnt gonna work so well. We are not in a ginormous hurry but I am anxious to get home so probly going to limit adventures a bit.
  2. WOW! How super exciting!!!! Cant wait to see your adventures!
  3. I notice that many of you are retired or work the seasons at campgrounds and parks. But I am curious what does everyone do? I personally am a Virtual Assistant (Secretary that does everything via internet). After working for 22 years in the corporate world and making it to the top in my field I decided I absolutely hated it and hated the 9-5 rat race even more. Now I do the exact same job (minus getting someone's coffee and fighting with copying machines) from the comfort of my own home and from any destination I want. I make my own schedule, I take on as much work as I want or limit it if I don't want it. What do you do and why do you love or hate it?
  4. As a person who drove 3.5 hours one way to meet up with a person to retrieve my escapee (that liked their storage compartment more than our own rig) I soooooo love this idea!!! Must check into this!
  5. I am excited to say very soon I will be traveling (from Nashville, TN) back home (Jackson, WY) to spend a short time. I am uber excited about this! We will not be dilly dallying a whole lot in between here and there but I know there HAS to be of something of interest to stop and see. My original plan was to head in a North direction towards South Dakota and take my daughter to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Badlands....etc. I quickly got over that notion when I learned that will be bike week in Sturgis. Not a chance in heck I am driving an RV through that. Soooooooo....now do I go straight across, down South? We like fun, weird stuff. Maybe short hikes to see scenery (is there anything besides cornfields?) -- I have a 14 year old who I am pretty sure would think I was torturing her should I drag her through museums, however we are open to all options. She is home schooled so if it is educational I can always play the "mom" card. Best places to stay?? I work from the RV so unfortunately boondocking will not be an option except for perhaps a day or so at a time. I will need to be where I can get internet reception.
  6. I just checked out the website. Very interesting. Nice layout. I will have to consider writing for you. I am a virtual assistant and work while on the road. Unfortunately it requires me to be within internet access throughout my travels. But because I do this I make my own schedule and my clients don't care if I am in Tennessee or their back yard. As long as the work is completed and submitted when they ask for it.
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