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  1. This is an interesting and personal subject to me. Hubby is newly retired and I am a bit younger and Do plan on going back to work somehow someplace. It has really been uncomfortable for me with these questions. I just avoid and change the subject so far. I guess we are on his 'retirement' trip as we are fulltimers having sold the house and live FT in our FW. Personally, I am having a difficult time with not working but that being said, I usually say I'm looking forward to getting back to work when I can.
  2. This is a great thread - interesting idea ! Can't wait to ask in FL when we get back there.
  3. We are also newb's and really got scared yesterday. We just left Pensacola the day before they got hit and where we are heading next was the same place that got hit in LA. Totally had a panic attack all day as we are newbies. Spent the day praying for those poor folk and being scared! We have our radios and understand to go to a concrete bldg with my cat and valuables, but what do you all do if something happens and how are you prepared? Thanks again!
  4. We use Wal Mart as well, but will definitely check out Walgreen's. Wal Mart has been easy - just call ahead to the store you want to pick up and have the store number from the previous pickup available.
  5. Great advice, you are entirely correct. We bought the Garmin LMT 760 and so far, it has been perfect. We are in a 5W and total newbies. Only once did it send us around the CG, but we found out afterward that the CG was built 'around' that road. IMO, that is the type of info that you have to watch out for. We did alot of research on this website and glad we did.
  6. Thank you for this. We are new having just purchased our fnew to us fiver at 32' and had many, many debates over class c vs. fiver. Now we are discussing a class c again! Our only experience has been with a 21' TT and now living full time until May only, in our fiver. So we did not join the class of 2015 b/c we are not or will not be totally full time, but we did sell the house and are planning on continuing to rent with family and buying a condo within the next year. This time, I am absolutely positive I want to rent a Class C before we buy! Not sure if we fall within the guideline
  7. Thank you for this we are heading the same way along the same route on our way to TX. We have been told to stop in the Gulf Shores, AL. We were also told that Route 98 that goes down into Carrabelle is heavy traffic so advised to avoid. Looking forward to this thread!
  8. Thanks so much, we would love to go to a website. It is under Stromberg Carlson - and I finally found it - the Lend A Hand does look like a match so we'll investigate and contact them. Thank you all so much. This website and members couldn't be better for newbies!
  9. Oh, not an issue! I finally did find it, another brand is fine, but glad to know the holes lined up.
  10. The etrailer link doesn't work - I tried to follow the link and find the part and the part must be discontinued. Anyone know anywhere else I can find a name or part number that will fit this handrail? Appreciate the help!
  11. Thanks, Kirk, we want to holes to line up exactly, or it won't be a pretty replacement!
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