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  1. Thanks for the comments, everyone. As of June 2020, we are owners of a 2005 Country Coach! Drove it, pulling our Wrangler toad, cross country on my maiden voyage. Lots to learn!
  2. I need to get under my new-to-us 45ft class diesel pusher to replace a device. Being a total newbie, everything is new and unfamiliar, and I don’t want to assume anything. Seems logical to use chocks and something to keep coach from dropping on me. However, a web search turns up nothing about chocks for any motor home, much less one as large and heavy as mine. What safety precautions do you take before crawling under a coach?
  3. Thanks for the excellent feedback, Ken
  4. I've heard of NCCC. but have not heard of OCC before. Can anyone help?
  5. Hi, all - Wife and I plan to buy our first coach shortly, and I am curious what experienced full-timers think a sufficient CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) is for two retirees. While we don't have hobbies that require heavy equipment, I will have some tools for upkeep of coach & the Jeep. Other than that, it should be the usual things one uses. What do you think?
  6. A check of Lazy Days and La Mesa found some very negative experiences of buyers after their purchases. Pedata lacks the coaches I'm seeking (right now, anyway) but I'll keep checking back.
  7. Your experiences and suggestions are sought on how to best proceed if buying an motorhome out of state. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I'm hoping to benefit from your experiences on: 1. How to locate a qualified RV inspector, 2. How to find the right RV insurance for initial part-time use and future full-timing, (My current home and auto insurer does not insure RV's.) 3. How to get a temporary tag so coach can be driven back to MD. I assume a dealer would know the ropes, but what about if I buy from a private seller? 4. How to learn to safely drive a big tag axle diesel pusher. Note
  8. Wife and I did look at Newmar because of its fine reputation and longevity, but haven't seen a floorplan we liked.
  9. This newbie and wife plan to retire shortly, and after ~2 years of window shopping, reading, and learning, I feel ready to take the plunge & buy my first-ever RV. My goal is a high-quality and well-maintained diesel pusher with tag axle that will allow us to comfortably & reliably travel the continent full-time. Given that I plan to attend the Boot camp in Tucson next month and will be staying in Tucson through Monday, it seems a great opportunity to look for the coach we're seeking. I have narrowed the search to American Coach, Beaver, Country Coach, and Foretravel coaches, an
  10. Since that original post, wife and I have been drawn to the Wrangler Sahara as the best fit. If we find a good deal on a used one, we'd go that route. However, the asking prices on used Wranglers seem too high to make them a good option. Never did off-roading, but don't envision us doing "hardcore" trails. More about being able to take back-country and forest fire roads without getting stranded. Maybe join off-road Meetups once we get more familiar with our vehicle. Ken Fulltime Wannabe
  11. Hello - As a soon-to-be first-time RV newbie who anticipates full-timing in a diesel pusher with tag axle, (while setting a record for hyphenated words in one sentence) I am curious about your experiences and recommendations for an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive dinghy. I have always placed highest priority on safety, reliability, and fuel economy in my vehicles, and would like to know not only which vehicles you've had good experiences off-road with, but what your experiences with regard to those priorities have been. Many thanks for your input. Ken S RV Wannabe Maryland
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