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  1. The beta testing does not have any limits.
  2. I have had Starlink for about 3 months. I live on a farm in Montana and good internet access has been challenging. We live at the end of the power line, the end of the phone line and no cable. Phone line internet is still dial up not even DSL. We were using an unlimited Verizon mobile hot spot. Starlink has been a game changer. Currently (10:46 pm) the internet speed is 150 Mbps, Latency Upload 25 ms - Loaded 55 ms and Upload speed 16 Mbps. Skies are light overcast and the temperature is 12 degrees. Speeds have ranged from 46 to 180; usually the speed is in the 90 to 110 range. It ap
  3. At 7:30 am on 2/12/2021 we are at 33 below with clear skies. Download: 95 Latency Unloaded: 36ms Latency Loaded: 114ms Upload: 19 Mbps Download speeds have varied from a low of 46 to a of 180. It appears as more satellites are added the more stable the download speeds. If you look closely at the power supply, it shows (Total Max 180W) LPS
  4. The question you posed was: "dlundby, If that is yours please supply a pic of the Ethernet ports on the power supply and on the dish. Your pic has the power stated for each but not which goes where. The link below has the best write up and test resultsfrom an average user. If you have even considered getting one, this should nail it. The best I can find is this:" My written response was: Yes, the photo is from my Starlink power supply. The Ethernet ports are not labeled Port 1 or Port 2. The Ethernet from/to the dish is the Black one; it would be my best guess that the dish
  5. Attached are the specs from the back of the Starlink power supply.
  6. I will pass your "thank you" to my son. It is unfortunate that the Army has put him in such a predicament that he needs to sell off some of his vehicles.
  7. For sale 2011 Toy Hauler. This is my son's toy hauler and I am giving him a hand in selling the rig. David is in the Army and stationed in South Carolina. David earned a Purple Heart and unfortunately, he is being med boarded out of the Army. His 5th wheel is in great shape and will serve someone well for many years to come. Please follow the following link to his craigslist ad. http://columbia.craigslist.org/rvs/5710872425.html
  8. ***SOLD*** 2011 Ford F350 Lariat $39,000 · 4x4 · 6.7-liter diesel · SRW. · 54,000 miles · Leather · Heated and cooled seats · Dual zone Heat – A/C · B&W turnover ball hitch · 50 gallon auxiliary fuel tank For more information, please call (four zero six) 868-8240 or email dmclundby at yahoo.com
  9. How much for just the trailer? I would like more information and photos on the trailer. Please email me at dmclundy@yahoo.com
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