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  1. Thanks Cherie, as an ongoing subscriber to your service for INVALUABLE information I'm very glad that you weighed in here!
  2. Qanon is the main distributor of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately we've reached a point in time where anyone with an internet connection and social media accounts can be valued for information as much as publications that hire journalists (rather than infotainment celebrities with devoted followers) and adhere to standards of fact-checking, ethics, etc. Alternative facts have become gospel for a good deal of citizens. Turns out Mr. Barnum was correct and there IS one born every minute.
  3. Not full time but on the road a good deal and for a month we kept our Verizon Jetpack and wife's iPhone on Verizon after I switched to be certain we'd stay connected as we both work remote. We definitely found some spots in remote Nat'l forests in N. Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan where we had better VZ service than T-mobile but generally where we have one we have both. I'm on the waiting list for the new cat18 Pepwave Transit MAX with unlimited T-mobile as detailed here - https://rvlife.com/unrestricted-internet-access-for-rvers/ I do think there's more parity in the industry than just a few years ago and hope with T-mobile acquisition or Sprint's frequencies it will continue to improve. The band 71 to serve rural areas should be better than their previous city coverage. In the meantime I've got a 3 month old Verizon Jetpack 8800l with Netgear antenna for sale for $100 plus shipping if anybody is looking!
  4. BTW, T-mobile offers a free 30 day trial period with use of their hotspot device that you can use for voice (if your cell phone supports Wi-Fi calling) and data. I got one and that's what convinced me to switch from Verizon. Couldn't be happier! Here's the link to sign up for free 30 day hotspot use - https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/free-trial
  5. Glenn, I'd suggest you check out the T-mobile 55+ plans as they're 1/2 the price of Verizon and now that they've got band 71 they cover far more rural areas. I had put up with Verizon's high prices & poor customer service due to needing reliable internet but I've been pleasantly surprised at T-mobile's coverage. I use Network Cell Info Lite for monitoring signal strength /speed and I can verify that their reach is nearly as far as the others. Of course it's all local so your experience may be different. Good luck!
  6. Not certain if this is same situation as yours but I had 2 phones (unlimited) and 1 Jetpack ($20.00 - 20gb) on Verizon. When I switched to T-mobile (shout out for 2 lines, 55+ Magenta unlimited for $70.00/mo TOTAL!) Verizon upped my Jetpack to $80/mo which I promptly canceled.
  7. With an upcoming trip planned to Rainbow Plantation I've had the folks in Summerdale in my thoughts. Is anyone from there online or do others have credible information about how they've fared?
  8. Sorry for the delayed response, it's been a travel day. Here's a good overview of the process - https://www.nationalnotary.org/notary-bulletin/blog/2019/12/remote-notarization-vs-traditional-notarization-infographic
  9. Go online to c2csignings.com and you should be able to arrange for a remote signing through them. I'm a Realtor as well as a notary licensed in MN and we're using online/remote notarizations more & more IN STATES WHERE IT IS ACCEPTED. If someone provides you with a valid form of identification and you view it/them online it's no different from them sitting at a table with you.
  10. Keep in mind that there are 2 major advantages of current technology phones. 1. New processors such as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 can make everything faster and more pleasant to use. 2. Many phones now use 2x2 or 4x4 mimo internal antennas that allow better connectivity in remote places. My Oneplus 8 has a reliable connection long after my wife's old iPhone reports "no service" even though they're side-by-side. If you don't rely on your phone for mobile work then maybe not worth the price but since you're already paying the same for service you may want to upgrade the hardware you're using.
  11. I wonder what the reaction of many anti-maskers would be if I plastered a bumper sticker on my car saying "ignore motorcycles, you likely won't be hurt if you crash into them". C'mon folks, what do you gain by being so inconsiderate of others?
  12. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of pride people display while defending their lack of consideration for others. Perhaps they can begin working on "liberating" those poor cooks, servers and other food handlers from the tyranny of having to wash their hands after using restrooms. Why oh why are those poor kitchen workers made to suffer just keep others safe??? Yep, that is absurd but no more absurd than railing against YOU taking minimal measures to keep others safe as well, that's why it's called "public health" policy.
  13. Agreed that Verizon/AT&T provide widest area of coverage, especially in less populated areas. I switched from using a Verizon LTE tablet for a hotspot to using a Verizon JetPack with Netgesr MIMO antenna - for $20/month I've found this keeps me connected in all but the most remote places. I've abandoned Weboost RV booster as MIMO antenna seems to provide better results consistently. The rapid evolution/improvements in cell (and soon satellite) technology keeps me from piercing the roof and hard wiring anything yet.
  14. Thanks for the replies, good to know it's not on my end. I'm sure it will be corrected by the admins soon.
  15. It seems I may be the only one as I don't see other posts, but for the past 3 days I'm receiving an "unsafe site" notification due to site certificate having expired.
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