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WFR GOac Rebooting Frequently - Close to Roswell, NM?

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After several months of WFR GOac remaining up for weeks on time, usually 'rebooted' when I'd power of the communication cabinet area for some reason, the unit has just recently started to reboot randomly on it's own... Have been on the current software since a few weeks after it came out, and just checked to see if perhaps something newer is available - nope.

I usually run thru the Elite AC, when not tethered. Not that that should matter(?). I've changed no settings in the last 6-7 weeks, as the unit has worked well for us on rebroadcasting our Verizon or ATT feeds, as the case maybe. 

I checked the unit to see if it is hot, but seems to be in the normal slightly warm to the touch levels I'm used to. Have not idea how hot the FM Elite is, but we are in the low 90's here outside or Taos, NM the last few days. I'd say the random rebooting (Chirping start up sound:)!) - started about 1 1/2 weeks ago, while in Silverton, NM area... So I doubt Rosswell, NM being near is involved (Well, unless they're having a weather balloon event:)!). 

Curious if anyone else with the GOac has had recent random rebooting activity. If this continues, I'll open a ticket with WFR, as they're tech support is great....

TIA, and best to all,


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Give them a call. They will access it remotely and of they can fix the problem, they will. If not they will have you send it in. Turn around time is very quick. They had to have mine to re flash it and no charge even though it is out of warranty. Great company and great service.

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I have a Go and a Go2 running the latest firmware. We have spent a fair amount of time in New Mexico the past several years. There are numerous areas where Verizon 4G service is weak or nonexistent. Our Pantech phones do not particularly like 3G and do not like 1X at all. They will act as if there is no service. Because the WFR products continually monitor the connection, they will reboot or go into auto connect trying to re-establish a connection. Often during a reboot the phone will re-establish a 4G connection. For some reason, our phones seem to maintain a connection in weak signal areas better when tethered than when used as a hotspot.

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trailertravler - Thanks for the info sharing. 

I've turned off all other data devices besides the Mobley. While I have not noted any drops in it's staying connected directly to my Laptop - I have noted times when I'll go outside, plant a rose, water, watch grow, harvest a rose flower to bring into the DW - due to slower data speeds... (Maybe two or three times a day I've noticed this. Lots of flowers for the DW:)!). Next time this happens, I'll listen to hear if I hear the reboot chirp of the GOac.

Rombo - Yes to a good customer support... 

-Had one of the GO's that had a bad set of chips, and they set me a new GO - well after warranty was up.

-Traveling in Canada, I had UML290 plugged into a I think it was a GO2 back then. Using Roger's SIM. The UML290 was a non supportive device at that time, and yet they worked real hard to help me get it to connect. 

The character of companies are revealed, in how they respond to a problem - stuff happens. BlueMesh WFR showed lots of character. Follow that with an exclamation point, when instead of just saying 'That product is not supported...'. They worked with me to get me so I could connect with the UML290. 

Pleased with WFR, and will not be shy to call them if needed.

Best to you both,



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