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  1. Dave, Now that you have some miles on your new seats what is your HONEST opinion? ShortyO
  2. we will try at Crossville



  3. geodog

    Rules of the road

    I will be willing to share my binders contents. I was complemented about having all of the information organized, by a trooper in Ill. ast spring. I did not get a ticket. ShortyO
  4. I have purchased Volvo parts from: class8truckparts.com. Not much cheaper than local dealer, but genuine Volvo. ShortyO
  5. Rio Chama is closed for the winter. They will open about 01 May. There are quite a few of us that spend most of the summer there. They have back in sites, head in sites and pull thrus. 30 amp and 59 amp. It is not a resort type setting as there is now pool or rec hall. We all just enjoy the quiet and cool. ShortyO WE have been camping here since 2001.
  6. We spend most of Aug & Sept at Rio Chama RV Park in Chama, NM 7800 ft. elevation and less than $600.00 per month. Bonus is a daily steam train. Will be in space N-11 this year. ShortyO
  7. Try Fresh Cab. It seems to work for me. ShortyO
  8. geodog

    Fun in the snow

    I bought a Hitch pin at Tractor Supply. ShortyO ps. I live in West Texas---no snow
  9. Welcome Eric. This is the correct forum to learn about HDT and RVing. Where are you located? ShortyO
  10. If steam railroads interest you, Chama, NM is a great summer place. The Cumbtres & Toltec offers daily trains from Chama to Antonito, CO. Chama is 100 miles from Santa Fe and 120 miles from Durango, CO. The Durango and Silverton is another steam train ride. Alamosa, CO is 80 miles away and offers a standard gauge train ride daily to La Veta, CO. and return. Chama is 7900 ft elevation. ShortyO
  11. We also have stayed there multiple times with no power problems. Last April we left due to flooding tho. ShortyO
  12. Dave, I will build one for you and ship it when we get back home ShortyO
  13. geodog

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from the OIL PATCH ShortyO
  14. Put me down for one, at least. 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' from the desert of West Texas. ShortyO
  15. geodog

    Front Axle Maintenance

    The rear axle wheel bearings are lubed with differential grease. This should be checked by removing a plug on the differential cover and checking for lubricant with your index finger. Most lube shops will check thin during a routine lubr job. ShortyO
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