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  1. I know this is a bit late but I bought Yokohama 108R's a little over 2 years ago for my Allegro Bus. Great tires. Have only put about 25k on them so far and they look new. Its unlikely we could ever wear out the tread on them. And it says they are regroovable on the sidewalls. Heading for alaska this summer so I've probably get them up to about 35k by september. -Bill PS. I paid $2900 out the door in LA at commercial tire, with mounting and all 6 spin balanced. I thought that was a deal compared to everyone else wanting 3800-6000 for six 295/75R22.5 tires. But the prior guys price would have been real nice. -Bill
  2. Now is the time to put a Credit Freeze on your credit accounts with the big three providers. It used to cost $10 each, $30 for one person. But I was recently told it was free now. (I don't know if that is true) Seach google for "Credit Freeze". I did it about 5 years back. Well worth the time. The only time its caused a hassle was changing phone providers as they wanted to do a credit check and they were denied. I had to open up one of the credit bureau for a day just for that. Bit of hassle, but not much.
  3. If you have a friend who owns a jeep or chrysler they got a promo email. No code is needed but there is a special promo phone number you must use, otherwise you cannot get there from here. Fedex delivered it this morning and it took all day for ATT to activate it. Somehow ATT setup the account as an iPhone 4 of all things. But its working tonight! I still cannot believe they are selling them and that same plan again for all the folks that missed it in 2017. -Bill
  4. I moved my Mobley SIM to a netgear MR1100 Router. Works great and it even has an Ethernet port if you want to hook it directly into a LAN. -Bill
  5. Check out these guys. The are local to me and surprisingly charged the the same as the best price I could find on the internet and I could drive over and pick up my Victron Battery Temp device. I am not affiliated with them. But they seemed knowledgeable and helpful. More and more a rare commodities these days. -Bill https://baymarinesupply.com/
  6. I have seen a high of 550 watts being produced here in Albuquerque this week at solar noon and no clouds. Way more than I expected this time of year with flat mounted panels. So far my 640 watts of flexible panels bring my batteries from 68% SOC to 95% SOC by about 4pm. It would probably be 100% if I turned off the Inverter and a few loads constantly running on those. Network switches, DVR and digial tuners plus an MR1100 hotspot running 24 hours a day. I do see the voltage drop to about 64 volts from the panels from around 78 volts when they are cool. Now that it has gotten a bit cooler here they are producing close to 90 volts in the morning as they are still cold. -Bill
  7. After researching solar for my roof for the last 5 months I finally pulled the trigger yesterday. Around late July I decided I wasn't going to do rigid panels, mostly due to possible liability issues from one of them flying off the roof at speed. I settled on flexible panels once I found Global Solar, which makes peel and stick panels, there US headquarters are near Phoenix. Their panels are long and thin, I really fell in love with their 300w panel. 18'x20" Two of which would be perfect for my 600w needs. But after finishing the research on the company I went up and measured my roof. What a let down. I couldn't even fit enough of their 200w 13'x20" panels due to all the immovable "stuff" up there. I really wanted the fewest connections up there to minimize issues due to potential corrosion. I could easily fit 6 of their 100w peel and stick panels but there would be so many cable connections I begrudgingly passed. Moving forward I started looking at "traditional" looking flexible panels. Most had almost no warranty, maybe one year except Go Power and Renogy. The pricing for the GP panels seem crazy expense to me, like $5 a watt retail. Even the Global Solar were only about $2.80 a watt retail, and if you have a resale tax number they are about $1.80 a watt. Then really started looking close at the Renogy 160w flexible s. They have a 5 year materials warranty and 25 year output like most company's rigid panels. They also have a 600v max, where most of the others were around 40v, not even allowing two in series, that included the Grape Solar model I looked at. The 160w panels were back in stock on Monday. And the "salesman" told me they got in 100 of the 160w model. That doesn't sound like much to me. I pulled the trigger so I could try to get them mounted before heading out the the Balloon Fiesta in a couple weeks. They cost $299 each, but if you give them your email address they take 10% off your order so they actually cost about $1.70 per watt shipped. They recommend using Sitkaflex 252 to glue them down. The panels should be here today and probably tomorrow, I will do a "sidewalk" test. That's where I connect them all up the same was as they will be mounted on the roof and see what they generate laying flat on the ground similar to the roof mount angle. Keeping my fingers crossed this all works out! -Bill
  8. Yes, I have mine installed at the bottom blowing up and the temp is set for around 130 degrees to turn on. We have a roof mounted vent so I didn't think I needed one above the coil. I did build in a 45 degree airfoil just above the bottom vent as there was what looked like a 2x4 with the 4" horizontal about 5" above the opening. I used some thing aluminum flashing to help ease the airflow upward. That little blower fan ran a lot this summer once we moved east of the Cascades. But the 12 yo Norcold 1200 kept the ice cream hard the whole trip. A much better result then years sojourn when the ice cream was soft most of the summer.
  9. X3 on the ARP. I use its blower fan to suck air from outside and blow it up toward the condenser coil. Its not used for venting CO from the propane flame, I was a bit unclear to me what you wanted to vent so I added that.
  10. I use a Weboost , this one works for one phone or hotspot at a time. It does NOT work for Sprint 4GLTE phones. From what Weboost told me Sprint 4GLTE uses a spectrum that is not permitted to be boosted. -Bill
  11. I saw that but still built my own. I have about $350 into it, but mine has legs. That fabric covering seems like it will be a problem fairly quickly. Plus I was getting 210 watts from my 200 watt panels the other day in full sun. The best part of that dokio is they say you don't need a battery anymore.. LOL. Can you say fried electronic devices...
  12. Understood, I am an IT guy, I was just saying that size limit seems a bit overzealous for the real world these days. Geez, Google gives you 15 GB of space for free.. Amazon offline storage is .004 cents a GB. 138k is very small... but the 100kb picture limit is just crazy in my opinion. I am getting off my soap box now.. -Bill
  13. If you ever have to call into dish, ask to be put on " Onshore routing" That way you never get the pleasure of talking to the folks in Bangalore again. 😂 -Bill
  14. Yes HD appears to have them on sale the first week of the last couple months. I missed it last month and saw it again on Slickdeals a couple weeks ago and pulled the trigger. I just finished mounting the controller all the breakers and its wired up to the batteries. I installed a quick connect on the coach and the extension for the panel side with the MC4's tested. The panels have the legs installed, I need to change how i secured them so the legs won't collapse back as they don't open far enough. I made the first chain installed it and realized the legs were 90 degrees to the ground, they need move further out to give it more stability. I tested the panels and controller to make sure it worked. I love the controllers Bluetooth app. It's very well done! I was going to upload a couple pics but I appear to have very limited 100kb limitation. Kind of the size of an icon or similar. Geez, a screen shot from my phone is 138kb, to big too. I guess I will post them on the blog when I finish up tomorrow. I sure wish there was some sun.. Its always sunny in San Diego, but the last few days, zilch sun. -Bill
  15. Just uninstall MS Office. Use one of the free ones instead. And don't click on any of the "click bait". Although you should never do that anyway. And make sure you malware software is always up to date! 😎 -Bill
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