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  1. I think it shows that, because that is how much time you have left before you have to renew your annual membership. Please someone jump in if I am wrong? Gary
  2. Just finished purchasing the 100Gig program from ATT. Could not of been any easier. Walked in with the Pep Wave, all they needed was the id number from it 20 minutes later walked out with the sim card. Got home Popped it in and with in a couple minutes the system is up and running. With just the table top antenna I'm seeing three bars and 20 meg download. That is as good if not better than when we had a satellite system a few years back. You tube videos play very well. So far very impressed with the system. Hope to really give it a work out when we go full time in August.
  3. Thank You Cherie. I was on your site reading about plans earlier then to my surprise I saw your latest You tube on the new AT&T plan. I was starting to get frustrated as I bought the Pep wave through Mobile Must Have and I really like the quality but was getting concerned that when I went to my local stores it was the deer in the head lights look. Once again thank you for what you bring to the community Gary
  4. Hello Bill. Thanks for the reply Cost maybe a little bit. I just don't need that much data. Now I did see today from watching a mobile internet resource video that AT&T is now offering a 100 gig plan for 55 dollars. I m going to check into that. Gary
  5. I have recently installed a new Pepwave system from Mobile Must Have. So far pretty impressed with the quality of the product. My issue is for anyone that is using the system where are you getting your data plan through. I'm looking for something around the 30 gig a month give or take. When I contacted my local ATT and Verizon store they where pretty much clueless when it came to a sim only plan. Any suggestions? Not quite ready to pull the trigger yet as we are still getting everything ready for full time this summer when we retire. Just trying to figure out what's out and what to ask for.
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