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  1. Can you give more information please?
  2. MidMOTraveler

    New Tires for C

    I was looking at Michelin tire chart and it looks like I could go from 225/75/16 to 245/75/16 and gain 500 #+ weight capacity. The chart says 16 x 6” wheel is good for either tire size. Am I missing something? I would like the extra margin on the tires even though I won’t be overloading. Thanks
  3. Is this still available? What ‘s the mileage? Thanks
  4. MidMOTraveler

    New Tires for C

    Yes going to replace in the Spring looking for suggestions on what tire/ tires I should be considering and why Thanks
  5. MidMOTraveler

    New Tires for C

    We just bought a used C 2013 28Z tire code 5111 so they are going on 8 years. Size is 225/75/16 LTZ 10 ply Suggestions please, Thanks
  6. MidMOTraveler

    Buying Advice

    I have a friends son that’s a climber. He travels in a 24’ Class C and tows a Jeep Wrangler with a hard top. I ask why a hard top Jeep his reply gears expensive, if they have to break in my insurance will pay for it. Popping snaps on a rag top?
  7. MidMOTraveler

    water softener for 5ther

    Actually the instructions from “On The Go Water Softners” has 2 ways to remove water for storage 1) leave cap on and turn upside down 2) leave cap on and apply low pressure air
  8. MidMOTraveler

    water softener for 5ther

    I have the Double Standard water softener it’s great. It will last us 2 about 6 weeks between regeneration. Takes 2 pounds of table salt and about 20 minutes to do. Water hook up is “Y” / filter/ softener/ filter/ house all quick connects. There’s no electric and you’ll notice when it needs regeneration. We’ve had soft water for years and wife said that was s must in 5er. Cuts soap use fixtures and shower stay spotless and even wash TV and 5er with it , no spotting.
  9. MidMOTraveler

    Ladder Needed

    We carry the Harbor Freight clone of the Little Giant ladder. Put it between tailgate and hitch along with a 2 step aluminum step stool. (can’t reach hitch release and don’t climb on dually tire) The fold up 5 way is great but a little heavy. Beats heck out of climbing the coach ladder if getting on the roof.
  10. MidMOTraveler

    Securing trailer from theft while hitched to truck

    I fished Bass tournaments for 17 years. Always stay in motels, Always park with trailer backed to your room door. Always have a ball and receiver lock. Bass boats loaded with gear and electronics can easily top $150K Insurance for sure your best sleeping pill!
  11. MidMOTraveler

    Rigs 10 years of age or older and campsites

    So this is our first season traveling. Covered 4 months 7 states and 14 parks all private parks. We were asked model and year in 7 of those parks including Rainbow Plantation Summerdale Al. Only 2 ask for license plate # when reserving RP and one at Gulf Shores. The biggest disappointment we experienced was paying for an advertised “resort” park and having over half the park full time residents. They had “summer “ homes with decks, gazebo’s, yard decoration etc, completely unexpected. Oh well , that’s what makes everyday fun and exciting! Needless to say we’re having a ball and can’t wait to get back out in April Hope to see ya on the road! Safe travels.
  12. MidMOTraveler

    Weather where you are?

    Well the weather WHERE we were ain’t so great today. We were on the Gulf Coast and packed up and went to Tunica MS. Cutting the last 8 days of 4 month trip short. Memphis today 81 afternoon showers, tomorrow high mid 60’s. It’s going to be great weather for walking around on Beal St.
  13. MidMOTraveler

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    We have the Montana 2018 3731 FL TV F450 You are correct about a smaller front basement.We are in our 1st year of retirement and long time traveling. However I can’t see how weight wise we could possibly carry more. I’m sure lots of people have done what we did. “Might need that” take it ! Well after this season wife and I both agree there’s going to be a major downsizing. We have lots of inside storage and the back bedroom slide opposite the bed is all wardrobe plus under the king bed. Mickey there is a new / used 3 times Montana on the Montana Owners forum just listed today. Good luck on your search.
  14. MidMOTraveler

    Gulf Shores to Memphis

    Suggestions on best route ? Heard horror stories about I-10 so trying to avoid. Thanks