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  1. MidMOTraveler

    RV for commercial use

    We set a 20k diesel gen set for a farm operation just before I retired. Unit and install ran just under $12k and they provided the fuel storage. That thing was way to big for an rv to haul. Good Luck sounds like a great idea but I think doing it around Snowbird parks down south would be great!
  2. MidMOTraveler

    Alaska 2019

    We are planning to head to Alaska from Gulf Shores AL the end of May . Have an obligation in Little Rock June 6 Then plan to put some miles behind us the next week. Wanting to make Alaska border by July 1 Plan is 6-7 weeks then head home to Missouri. More obligations September 1 Maybe we’ll cross paths!
  3. MidMOTraveler

    Renting an RV in Alaska after cruise

    X2 on what Twotoes said. You will be In Alaska at the peak of tourist season. The travel times and traffic will be slower than you plan. Denali, now is the time to make reservations for camping in the park . You should be able to find spots otherwise. We plan to travel from Gulf Shores AL this summer to Alaska. I’ve been twice once sight seeing one nothing but fishing. Still haven’t seen enough Alaska is kind of addicting!
  4. MidMOTraveler


    We went to a car wash and used the coin machine. $40 cash in 160 quarters out!
  5. MidMOTraveler

    big plans continue

    As just an overnight we stayed just off I-65 on the south side of Montgomery AL The Woods RV Park big rig friendly. We didn’t unhook water had high pressure and they warn you !
  6. MidMOTraveler

    Which Rear End for Dodge Dually?

    We have 4.30 in our F450 around town we get 13-14 mpg Towing loaded 39’ 5’er weight of truck and trailer 25,700 we averaged 10.4 on our first 4,000 mile trip. All the Ram owners I’ve talked to seen to get better mpg by 1-3 mpg most seem to have 3.73 and do fine.
  7. MidMOTraveler

    Insurance quandry - need advice

    Strange how insurance varies, I bought back my totaled Expedition from State Farm. They asked me if I wanted to buy it? I hadn’t even thought about it until then. Best car deal I ever made! Drove it 6 more years and sold it for high KBB ps it was hail damage and in Missouri a vehicle totaled for hail doesn’t require a salvage title
  8. MidMOTraveler

    Selling Vehicles out of state

    In Missouri titles have a bottom portion that the “Seller” fills out with selling price and signs. It is the “Seller’s “ responsibly to mail it in with in 30 days to the Department of Revenue. This is to prevent the new buyer from not paying the correct account of sales tax . It’s also is good for the seller if buying a replacement vehicle/ rv/ boat any titled item. They deduct the amount of tax paid from the sale . There is a time limit for this but they don’t have to be like items. I sold a boat and used that to lower sales tax on our 5’er.
  9. MidMOTraveler

    Parking 5th wheel on grass

    I’m just asking but if this is your property why not order a couple loads of rock ? Sounds like you know where your going to park . My biggest concern is your statement saying you have the power at the garage. Make sure this is not 220V welder recpticle or you’ll toast your new toy! Safe Travels
  10. MidMOTraveler

    Rose Colored Glasses

    I’ve only been long time for a very short time. However on so many RV sites , YouTube , blogs etc; there is so much of “we’re going full time “ Then you read and people are young lots with young families. I think in lots of cases they are being misled. Full time is not cheap even if your thrifty. It is day to day expenses. Living in an RV full time is like owning a house, paying rent, and depreciation all rolled into one. How can these young folks ever get ahead. There is always someone talking about Work Camping to save. Ok how’s that going to benefit them when Social Security time comes. Taking lower paying part time work to be FT will only limit them in later years. I understand there are those that can remote work. I have been thinking about this for some time after meeting several young families while traveling this past summer. I saw love and family connections but also ideas that were just not realistic. Thoughts?
  11. Can you give more information please?
  12. MidMOTraveler

    New Tires for C

    I was looking at Michelin tire chart and it looks like I could go from 225/75/16 to 245/75/16 and gain 500 #+ weight capacity. The chart says 16 x 6” wheel is good for either tire size. Am I missing something? I would like the extra margin on the tires even though I won’t be overloading. Thanks
  13. Is this still available? What ‘s the mileage? Thanks
  14. MidMOTraveler

    New Tires for C

    Yes going to replace in the Spring looking for suggestions on what tire/ tires I should be considering and why Thanks