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  1. I sent you an email but didn’t get a reply . Is this lot still on the market?
  2. We received free admission to Yellowstone, Devils Tower and RMNP this summer. Never paid launch fees at COE ramps. Used America the Beautiful pass.
  3. So you’re not planning on checking your tires for 8 months?
  4. If you get your Class A something to consider would be seasonal driving. UPS,FEDEX put on lots of drivers for about 2 months. You can probably make half a years pay compared to shagging rv’s .
  5. I crawled under and around everything on our camper. Found what size, drive, diameter, etc; could be used. Same with pex, pipe traps etc; in addition caulk, tape and bulbs. So had a pretty good idea of what wasn’t needed.
  6. They can all be removed! Had 2 Ford Expeditions 5.7 v8 those things were beasts, could go anywhere. Sold the 2000 with 250k on it and never had a wrench on it except normal maintenance. Buddy bought an Excursion with the V10 and couldn’t afford to drive it.
  7. Might I add something , a caulk gun. In addition a small roll of Eternabond tape and 1 each tube of Dicor self leveling and vertical caulk.
  8. Something to keep in mind is how many miles a year you travel. The upfront cost plus higher maintenance of a diesel vs gas. The C’s on the Ford 350/450 chassis are a proven product. Easier to obtain service and cost less. Yes 8-10 mpg on the V10 but diesel fuel here is running 20% higher than gas. We bought a 5 year old 16k miles C last year and now a 2018 4K miles Jeep toad. We’ll have just over 60k in the entire rig when I pay the bill today for the Blue Ox 4 down towing set up. When we bought the C we decided to purchase an extended warranty. Wholesale Warranty sent an inspector that spent 3 hours going over the entire rig. Everything passed and we have peace of mind, yes everything can break but knowing we won’t have a huge expense on the road is nice.
  9. Really! I have some ocean front property in Arizona! We need to get together!
  10. I have no interest in a membership type deal it’s just not our style at this time. I can tell you that Escapees membership and Passport America have saved us a good deal. There are some limitations to how long you get a special rate but savings are there.
  11. We met 2 couples from Lithuania this spring. They were traveling in 2 Class C 22’ or 24’ campers. They had bikes but no kiddos. Cruise America was the rental company. They had flown in to Orlando Florida and went to Disney for a week. Then picked up the campers and were headed to New Orleans. After that they were going somewhere in Texas? I think they were dropping the campers of there. Then flying to Las Vegas then home. They were doing it all in 3 weeks.
  12. Don’t know what size or type RV your thinking about. Suggest trying to rent the biggest one you might be considering for full time. Then drive it not just to and from the campgrounds. Get in city traffic, 2 lane and 4 lane and a little interstate with semi trucks passing you. Then don’t just book a pull through site get a couple back in’s. You can practice set up and break down and dumping several times while in each campground, just fill your tanks with water and practice. Our first 5’er bought new last year is almost 40’ and it is a learning experience!
  13. Just wondering what kind of truck you have that would need to be lowered and wheels changed?
  14. In 2 years everything will change anyway. What the rv manufacturer will install might be what you can buy today!
  15. Before you get too deep in the planning I might suggest you check with your municipality. There are lots of places where just parking a camper can be an issue, much less dealing with utilities and sewer issues.
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