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  1. We just bought a used 2028 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door hardtop auto tranny 6 cylinder. Setting up next week to tow 4 down .
  2. State Farm just tell them it’s renters insurance for storage, no problem. Ours is like $134 yearly for 10k
  3. You can park at the casinos around St. Charles and day trip into St. Louis. There is really a lot to see and do around St Louis. Hope you have a chance to do some exploring!
  4. We carry passports, vehicle registrations, insurance policies, medical information/ directives, copy of trust.
  5. I clean the front cap at every stop. Motorhomes wash the windshields so I see no difference. I have paid once to wash the 5er in a campground and have seen a few that had no washing in the rules.
  6. Confused by the 70 psi ? If you have G rated tires the cold inflation is 110 psi. That would probably make any G a “China Bomb” At 14000+ you should be running close to max inflation recommendations for your G rated tires. Sailun or Goodyear seem to be the major players in the ST tire wars. With Sailun getting a lot of recommendations for both price and durability.
  7. No problem But don’t set the handle they are high pressure high capacity pumps. The back wash from the fuel fill neck will get you covered in diesel. Remember truck stop etiquette, usually your cc won’t work at the pump. Walk in tell the cashier you lane # and that it’s a private truck most will ask how much. I usually tell them $100 they will swipe the card, go fuel. Pull forward to the line making sure a semi can pull in and fuel. Return to the cashier and get a credit/ receipt Nows the time for a quick restroom break but if you plan to be a while park it and go in. Enjoy your travels !
  8. Parked in a 3 sided metal building rent is $100 per month security on site 24/7
  9. Note : Fishing Bridge Campground is closed for the 2019 season.
  10. You do know that RO wastes 75% of the water. So for every gallon run through the RO system will only yield 1 quart! I know some people have health reasons for RO water, for most of us a carbon filter is all new for taste.
  11. We set a 20k diesel gen set for a farm operation just before I retired. Unit and install ran just under $12k and they provided the fuel storage. That thing was way to big for an rv to haul. Good Luck sounds like a great idea but I think doing it around Snowbird parks down south would be great!
  12. We are planning to head to Alaska from Gulf Shores AL the end of May . Have an obligation in Little Rock June 6 Then plan to put some miles behind us the next week. Wanting to make Alaska border by July 1 Plan is 6-7 weeks then head home to Missouri. More obligations September 1 Maybe we’ll cross paths!
  13. X2 on what Twotoes said. You will be In Alaska at the peak of tourist season. The travel times and traffic will be slower than you plan. Denali, now is the time to make reservations for camping in the park . You should be able to find spots otherwise. We plan to travel from Gulf Shores AL this summer to Alaska. I’ve been twice once sight seeing one nothing but fishing. Still haven’t seen enough Alaska is kind of addicting!
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