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  1. We called Progressive today as we presently have a F350, but wanted to move up to an F450 as we have a heavier fifth wheel now. When we called Progressive said that they do not cover F450 unless it is on a commercial policy and we tried to explain that it is just to pull our RV and the F450 has a regular truck bed, no flatbed. Can anyone give us what companies will insure a F450 without paying commercial rates? Thanks
  2. Zulu, Thanks for your input and I know that we will have to look around, but the speed tests that you provided shows that there are places where we can get a true dedicated cable provider for the hard wired internet. If you know of any other places we would love to hear where they are and we would be setting up the service through the internet service provider for 6 months of each year down south and then the same for the location up north. We prefer places within 3 hours of Houston, and have found a few places in the north already as one is a mobile home park with RV lots. Thanks for
  3. Do you have the site as we would like to see where these are located? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the comments so far. We understand that we would have to either set up our own service with the Internet Provider or pay an additional fee if the park provides it and we are ok with this. We are hoping that we can get some names of places that has it wired to the outside box so that we can arrange for the internet provider to set us up for her wired internet. As for the MiFi, we have read about it and it is not something we would risk as that the download 28 mbps during peak times can drop and her upload needs to be 5 mbps. Even where we are presently in a stick house, we have 1
  5. We are new to this forum and would like to see if we can find anyone with the information that we are looking for. We had lived in our RV for over 3 years and then went back to a stick home and now thinking about traveling from the North to South each year, basically, snowbirds. Here is the scenario, the wife works from home for a company that requires that we have a wired internet connection and for us to use a ethernet cable from the modem to her computers. Is there any RV parks where we can get a direct cable coming into our RV and then hook up to the modem for the hard wired internet?
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