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  1. I am looking to buy and install an awning topper for my 2016 KZ Spree travel trailer. The slide dimensions are 12.5 ft X 3 ft. They have them on Amazon but I am not sure how to find the right one for my particular RV. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. I ended up using auto vinyl repair that is meant for seats to fix my floor. It worked well. I would post pics but every one I try to up load is too big.
  3. I am going to check out the youtube videos. Unfortunately, I dont have a seamless Roller.
  4. ** Im having a hard time uploading the photos because its saying my images are too large** I put my slide in and it ripped my floor. I am able to open and close the slide by putting a cutting board (pic attached) down from the dollar tree. But I want to fix it. I have several places I can cut out a small piece of matching linoleum to replace it. I got this glue (pic attached) at The Home Depot to glue a piece down. I would of course like to cut a piece similar to the piece that I am cutting out so it isn’t an eye sore. I have a 2015 32ft KZ Spree travel trailer. If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Ok, this is some great info. I really appreciate it!
  6. I am in San Antonio TX and I will be heading towards the FL Keys. I am pulling a 32 ft travel trailer with a GMC 2500 diesel. I would like to take the straightest line possible from San Antonio TX. When I say desolate, I mean a place where there are no RV's next to me. For example, my favorite spot in the country is in Green Ridge State Forest in Md. It is 10.00 per day and it is dry camping. When you are outside your RV, you see nothing but trees and woods. Each camp site is secluded and far from each other. Something like BLM Land maybe but there is no BLM land on this trip. I can dry camp or run off power. I am willing to get off the interstate. I also am a member of Passport America and Escapees if that helps. TX, Louisiana, Alabama are all fine. However, I rather not be by alligators. They scare the heck outa me.
  7. I am traveling from San Antonio to the Florida Keys soon and I am looking to stop somewhere along the way that is desolate and that I will be left alone so I can concentrate on a big work project. I have Verizon and Sprint and hoping one of them would work so I can get work done. Does anyone know of a place along the way where I can be by myself to get my project done? Then I can go to the keys with no work on my plate. Thanks!
  8. I really appreciate the advice. I will definitely weigh myself but I need to set PSI before I do that because once I leave the top of the mountain that I am at, I wont come back until spring. . Im thinking from what I have read, 70 (80 max psi) on the front truck tires and 73 on the back. The trailer I am thinking 60 all around (65 max PSI). Would I be ok with that?
  9. Art, I have never heard of axle weights. Ive done a 2 year trip around the country with a 5th wheel and have never heard of them. Although my new trailer is a pull behind. I know my RV wont be overloaded based on the sticker on the door and the truck is a diesel made to haul so that can pretty much haul anything.
  10. I have a 2016 Sierra short bed Diesel and my tires are Michelin Defender LTX M/S LT265/60R20 Load Range E Max PSI 80. I am about to do an 8 month trip around the country pulling an 8,000 lb tow behind RV. I will be going through the dessert often. What PSI would you put your front an back tires at? Also, the tires on my travel trailer are load range D max 65 psi. What PSI would you put on the tires in the RV?
  11. OK great. I will check these links out thank you! I dont mind paying. Alot of BLM land you have to buy a pass. My problem is I can never find the prices on state parks until I get there and then alot of times they are very expensive. My main goal is dispersed camping in nature like BLM land offers.
  12. Thanks, I looked at state lands but the problem is they rarely post their prices. In PA for example, they charge 55.00 per nite in some places. I wish they posted prices but it just seems that its alot of work to find out what kind of camping is available and pricing when trying to plan to go to state land ahead of time.
  13. I am traveling from Eastern PA to Eastern Texas soon and was hoping to stay in places that are like BLM land along the way. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any BLM land on this trip. Im looking for places that is dispersed and I can be somewhat isolated and make my own power. Places with very little fee's like BLM land. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Im about to go on the road solo and staying in alot of places off the grid. Im looking for some wireless outdoor security cams that I can watch live on my computer from inside of my RV. I will have wifi in the RV but prefer not to take the WIFI bandwidth up if there is an alternative way. Im hoping to watch the outdoor wildlife and of course for safety reasons. Anyone have any advice? Looking to order something from Amazon.
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