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  1. How bout them Dodgers? They going to make the super bowl this year? Oh look, squirrel!🤣
  2. Very nice home build! Good luck with the sale.
  3. Yes, we were stuck with one choice........overpriced Goodyear$
  4. Or.........Sailun S637 16" as a super reliable step in between 17.5s.
  5. I own a Dezl 760 that I have never been all that impressed with. I have been moving away from standard gps units in favor of android tablets for navigation unless I need a water/dust proof solution.
  6. I installed a new USA made Borg Warner turbo on my Cat that was actually for a 12.7 Detroit up to 500hp. $750ish delivered from Turbo Resouce in AZ. Tom is well known in the performance light truck diesel world. I couldn't trust a cheap Chinese turbo on something that would cost so much to repair if it scattered. Figured this was in the middle cost wise and was quality. Edit: Part number was 172743.
  7. CrazyCooter

    DRV accident

    One obvious fact I'm surprised has not been pointed out here is that there appears to not be a Sidewinder rated for the GVWR of the towed unit? DRV lists the GVWR of the tri-axle models as TBD, but the larger tandems models are well north of the 19K.....The rating of the heaviest Sidewinder I see listed on Reese's site. Then add the weight of the swivel trailer with whatever was on it........ Lots of factors to consider here!
  8. CrazyCooter

    DRV accident

    I guess the question will be whether or not the failure was defective parts or excessive forces that the hitch couldn't handle? I have wondered how our 5th would hold up if my foot were to slip off the clutch on an uphill launch..........
  9. CrazyCooter

    DRV accident

    That's a major bummer right there....the stuff that nightmares are made of! Hopefully nobody got hurt. A friend sent me the that pic a few days ago and I wondered is it could have been prevented by a better understanding and inspection of the equipment. Had a client a couple of months ago drop his 5th in my shop hooking up after I made repairs to the axles. I walked away to allow him to do his thing without me distracting him, but I did note he DID NOT do a tug test. I didn't say anything at the time as I'm really getting sick of the blow off I get from people when making suggestions regarding safety practices and proper equipment. Didn't even make it out of the before the 5th dropped on his aluminum bed........ I think it's safe to say he will add this to his hitching ritual.
  10. Goodyear G614s run smaller than a typical 235/85R16 more like a 235/80R16. The Sailuns run a bit larger than a typical 235/85R16. I run the Sailun 235/80 or Goodyear 235/85 on 33" wheelbase and 235/85 on 35". 3/4" is too close for my liking. Maybe install next heavier spring if you are loaded anywhere near the current spring capacity? This would likely buy you a bit of space.
  11. I would have a look at their online application guide: KYB Catalog and see what they have for your application. I used to install a lot of the GasAdjust shocks on HDT's and MH's back in the day so I know they used to have a decent line up. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to still have availability. Yes, all of these vehicles have their pros and cons. Not a single one does everything puuurfect!
  12. I selected KYB based on the reputation from installing them the past 25 years in the chassis business, but they have been discontinuing a lot of "GasAdjust" part numbers for older vehicles. It's been tough when I had pet part numbers that I used for certain custom applications like trailers and pickups hauling campers. I can tell the fronts for sure don't have enough compression or rebound to control the axle movement under any condition other than smooth road. Desert whoops like found in socal hwy 95 allow near bottoming and the rebound from the spring compression can make thing s especially rowdy as the fuel tanks near empty. We're actually considering moving into a MH at this point so I think the build/experimentation will be on hold till we figure out where were going.
  13. I honestly think much of the poor ride quality is the lack of quality of shocks available these days. KYBs used to make a great monotube, has transitioned to twin tubes that are now made in the USA.......Re-badged Monroe? Roadkings are priced on the high side but more importantly.......the bad reviews on lifespan and poor customer service.
  14. I'll be watching for feedback as well. Already have three motion controls everywhere else, but looking for more damping as we burn off fuel and the front axle gets a little more rowdy.
  15. CrazyCooter

    New shoes

    Sumitomo makes a great tire for the money! I run that ST709 on my Pete's steer, ST727 on my Dodge's steer, and the ST908 I have run on the Dodge's drive axle. I have Sailun on the trailer too as there is no better value and not a single failure that I can find anywhere on the net or that I have sold to clients.
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