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  1. CrazyCooter

    Spring removal?

    Yes, that's the design I was looking at. Better than the old skool Airleaf, but only marginally better. You may not end up with excessive axle wrap since you will never load tandems even close to their intended design. I note axle wrap in the bottom gears while leaving a stop with my Airleaf when loaded close to the single axle's rating. Absolutely lower the tire pressure unless you are running at 36K! More than likely the load inflation table for your tire doesn't go below 65 psi, but I wouldn't hesitate to go below that if the number calc out to go lower. I run 75 psi in my drives, single axle, Jeep on the deck, and right at 19K axle weight.
  2. CrazyCooter

    Spring removal?

    Probably have a horrible vibration due to axle wrap! By pics I found on the net, the weight is still supported by an air bag? The half pack and link locate the axle and control wrap?
  3. CrazyCooter

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    Yes, take 299! It's not a bad drive and there is minimal construction right now. 36 is doable if you really had to, but is closed during the week for serious construction in two sections. If you layover in Redding and want to visit, please PM me!
  4. CrazyCooter

    Rear end and lockers question

    Tires are likely 41"+ tall. 42", 4.33's, .79OD, and 80mph is 2200 rpm.
  5. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    I knew there was something about reciprocity as long as both states accept each other reg we were good. I always had to buy an OR non resident sticker for my dirt bike when riding the dunes since it was street plated and no OHV sticker I'm in if for a ride we can get some rain.......Still have touched the Can Am since our last ride!
  6. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    I want to host a ride near me (Redding, CA) when we finally get some rain!
  7. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    Hey Dave, cut and pasted from the CA OHV Parks site and this looks like you are good with your WA Reg? C - What If I Am Visiting From Another State? I will be traveling to California from another state to ride my OHV. Do I need California OHV registration (Green or Red Sticker)? If you are a resident of another state and your OHV has valid registration from that state, you do not need a Green or Red Sticker or a California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. If your OHV does not have valid registration or the equivalent from your home state, you will need to get a California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. A title is not registration. For states bordering California, the Oregon OHV Permit, the Nevada OHV Registration Decal, and the Arizona OHV Decal meet the requirement for OHV registration by residents of those states. States that do not have an OHV registration program are: Alabama Kansas South Carolina Alaska Kentucky South Dakota Florida Mississippi Tennessee Georgia Nebraska Virginia Hawaii North Carolina West Virginia Illinois A non-resident with an OHV from one of these states must purchase the California Nonresident OHV Use Permit to operate on California's public lands. A non-resident from the remaining 34 states need not purchase California's permit as long as they can provide valid proof that they have a current registration or their home state's equivalent for their OHV. If a nonresident cannot provide valid proof of possessing such a document, they must purchase the California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. (15)
  8. CrazyCooter

    Worried about length?

    Wonder if they really meant $2000 or really want $200,000? Gotta love Craigslist......
  9. CrazyCooter

    CB Radios and Antennas

    Cobra 75WX all in one on right side mirror antenna and Yaesu FT8900 quad band on the left mirror antenna. Only turn on the CB if we have someone in the group that isn't a ham operator.
  10. CrazyCooter

    Need help with air hook up on my TSLB hitch

    Mine is hooked to the 5th wheel slide switch on the dash and like Randy did with a regulator. Air line was already in the frame rail for easy access and I can dump the air to hook/unhook.
  11. CrazyCooter


    I noted the difference when I install one in a client's truck on Monday. First clue was the added white wire for a ground. Then I noticed a relay clicking inside. Appearance wise, they are identical.
  12. CrazyCooter

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    New model year Jeeps are JL unless you find an old left over JK, not sure what the length is on those other than whats online. The JL is 2" longer than the JK. Supersize.....the American way!
  13. CrazyCooter

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    Remember the 1987-2006 YJ/TJ jeep models are about 14" shorter than the 2007-2018 JK models. Not sure what you had in mind. CJ5's even shorter, but I don't consider them comfortable by any means.
  14. CrazyCooter

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    I second the cabover. Mine is short hood, only 48" sleeper, and measures 30" bumper to hitch. You didn't say what model Jeep either......mine is a YJ and could fit a TJ, but no way could fit a JK loaded flat on the deck. How much can be saved by loading virtically?
  15. CrazyCooter

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    I was just going to caution you about this! The Goodyears run smaller than most 235/85R16's and I think the Sailun's run a tad larger. Measure your wheelbase....If you have 35" spacing you could fit the 235/85's and if you have the 33" spacing I would lean to the 235/80's and they will be almost the same diameter as your Goodyear tires.