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  1. CrazyCooter

    Anyone here have a slushbox in their truck?

    Weight wise it's not much heavier than the 13spd depending on whether or not it includes the converter. Pretty sure the 13spd's 714lb spec doesn't include the clutch and flywheel. I'm running 3.31 gears that I swapped in to better suit our lighter weight.....By my calculations, I'd want to swap my 3.90s back in for a nice 1350 rpm @ 65mph in top gear. Guess we'll see how this deal goes. Not excited about having to dispose of the rest of the body though......
  2. CrazyCooter

    Anyone here have a slushbox in their truck?

    I honestly don't know what the hp is currently on my truck. It was factory rated at 435/1650, but the tuner has done some work and I installed a fuel wire mod....also slightly larger turbo. The motorhome might have the 505hp tune.
  3. CrazyCooter

    Anyone here have a slushbox in their truck?

    I know there has been talk of trucks for sale with slushbox automatic transmissions, but could not remember seeing anyone who actually had one. I may be acquiring at a very fair price, a 1999 motorhome with what the owner says has C12 and Allison 4000 transmission. Has low miles, but the body has been leaking for some time and is trashed. Thinking it could make a good donor for our Pete since we just passed 700K last year. I'm assuming most of the MDT/HDT running gear is universal, so wiring harnesses and computers should be able to swap right along with the components. How will it pull when compared to my 13spd? Seems like in the 5/6 speed auto pickups the auto's pull better because the converter unlocks and puts the engine in it's sweet spot effectively splitting a gear. I was also thinking might pick up more retard due to the auto which would be welcomed. The top gear is a tad taller than our 13spd, but 5th is right where we're geared now and it works pretty nice up to 65 mph. Anyone who can share info would be great!
  4. CrazyCooter

    8d battery thoughts

    To my knowledge, that battery is built by East Penn. Ran them in our last RV. Lasted about 5 years 90% boondocking and never dipping below 65% soc. I also run the smaller versions in my pickup and Jeep.
  5. CrazyCooter

    Solar controller recommendation

    I have no experience with Victron, but the equipment, specs, and color displays look nice. I'll likely give them a try when I build out the next RV. Low light example.....This morning woke up to 1' snow on the roof, array voltage at 19.2v, and the Magnum was snoozing. I have a pic somewhere of my Outback charging from moonlight just because the array voltage exceeded battery voltage. Only problem I had was the fan that got noisy after about 58 months which they sent a replacement for and was a 10 min change out without moving the unit. The desert dust may have been its demise? It also didn't completely fail to charge, but output was reduced depending on component temp. Put a 12v box fan next to it and it started increasing current.
  6. CrazyCooter

    Solar controller recommendation

    Lots of good suggestions above. I can tell you that the FM80 will handle those panels without a problem. My last system had 1110w @ 90v wired into one and almost never maxed out the controller. I also loved the easy to read display, quickly attainable data, and low light output when compared to the Magnum PT100 I use now.
  7. CrazyCooter

    Spring removal?

    Yes, that's the design I was looking at. Better than the old skool Airleaf, but only marginally better. You may not end up with excessive axle wrap since you will never load tandems even close to their intended design. I note axle wrap in the bottom gears while leaving a stop with my Airleaf when loaded close to the single axle's rating. Absolutely lower the tire pressure unless you are running at 36K! More than likely the load inflation table for your tire doesn't go below 65 psi, but I wouldn't hesitate to go below that if the number calc out to go lower. I run 75 psi in my drives, single axle, Jeep on the deck, and right at 19K axle weight.
  8. CrazyCooter

    Spring removal?

    Probably have a horrible vibration due to axle wrap! By pics I found on the net, the weight is still supported by an air bag? The half pack and link locate the axle and control wrap?
  9. CrazyCooter

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    Yes, take 299! It's not a bad drive and there is minimal construction right now. 36 is doable if you really had to, but is closed during the week for serious construction in two sections. If you layover in Redding and want to visit, please PM me!
  10. CrazyCooter

    Rear end and lockers question

    Tires are likely 41"+ tall. 42", 4.33's, .79OD, and 80mph is 2200 rpm.
  11. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    I knew there was something about reciprocity as long as both states accept each other reg we were good. I always had to buy an OR non resident sticker for my dirt bike when riding the dunes since it was street plated and no OHV sticker I'm in if for a ride we can get some rain.......Still have touched the Can Am since our last ride!
  12. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    I want to host a ride near me (Redding, CA) when we finally get some rain!
  13. CrazyCooter

    Can we have a "toy" thread, I need education RZR's, Maverick's

    Hey Dave, cut and pasted from the CA OHV Parks site and this looks like you are good with your WA Reg? C - What If I Am Visiting From Another State? I will be traveling to California from another state to ride my OHV. Do I need California OHV registration (Green or Red Sticker)? If you are a resident of another state and your OHV has valid registration from that state, you do not need a Green or Red Sticker or a California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. If your OHV does not have valid registration or the equivalent from your home state, you will need to get a California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. A title is not registration. For states bordering California, the Oregon OHV Permit, the Nevada OHV Registration Decal, and the Arizona OHV Decal meet the requirement for OHV registration by residents of those states. States that do not have an OHV registration program are: Alabama Kansas South Carolina Alaska Kentucky South Dakota Florida Mississippi Tennessee Georgia Nebraska Virginia Hawaii North Carolina West Virginia Illinois A non-resident with an OHV from one of these states must purchase the California Nonresident OHV Use Permit to operate on California's public lands. A non-resident from the remaining 34 states need not purchase California's permit as long as they can provide valid proof that they have a current registration or their home state's equivalent for their OHV. If a nonresident cannot provide valid proof of possessing such a document, they must purchase the California Nonresident OHV Use Permit. (15)
  14. CrazyCooter

    Worried about length?

    Wonder if they really meant $2000 or really want $200,000? Gotta love Craigslist......