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  1. The Coleman Mach series is very well documented. I did not hot wire the compressor or fan because upon further investigation I was able to figure it out. A couple of diodes on the control box boards were dead. I don't think we got an actual strike but rather just some kind of "back to the future" event" where some electrical energy got to the sensitive semiconductors on the roof. Replaced those diodes with some I had in my "electronics" stash and all is well. Funny how both A/Cs had almost the same bad diodes. Total time invested (other than internet research) 2 hours. Less time than it takes to talk to an insurance clown. Direct TV came right out and replaced my receiver and I had my old 32" TV so for now we are back to normal. They were great. I suspect voltage spikes came in to the tv stuff thru the outside dish. My new 42" TV probably has the same issue with some sensitive semiconductors on the input line, I'll get to that later. According to some of the neighbors who saw the bolts of lightning said that it seemed like 1 bolt came from above and 3 others came from the ground up with my rig right in the middle. Some saw sparks flying but not from my rig. oldjohnt Thanks for the tech input, you pretty much "guessed" exactly what happened. The board in the control box takes all the input from the low voltage thermostat and controls all the compressor and fan functions. Thanks to all for your suggestions and concerns, Bye Till the next time
  2. Today a lightning strike nearby blew out my two a/c's, the TV and the direct TV receiver. The TV is not a problem, Direct TV will be out tomorrow to repair or replace the receiver. My main concern is the A/C's. They are RVP/Coleman 2009 era. I'm thinking the control boards got popped. Is there any way to bypass the control board and just hot wire the a/c to verify that the compressor etc work. The control boards seem to be standard units about $60 each. Any help would be appreciated. And next time we see red on the radar, the rig will be disconnected from the power pole. Thanks Coleman/Airexel Part number 8330852
  3. How about these? anyone have experience with these Sampson GL283A 215R75-17.5 https://simpletire.com/samson-215-75r17.5-88000g-tires
  4. Argo, That's a heavy duty tank, I'll keep my eyes out on the local Craigslists as we progress across the country Thanks
  5. Recent travels in my MH from NC down to FL then to MS, 775 miles. Fuel in north FL $3.45/gal. fuel in MS $2.75. Savings on 78 gal = $54.60. The fuel mileage diff is alleged to be approx -1% per 100 lbs, so the 78 gal weighs 446 lbs therefore 4.46% loss of economy. I average (tracked for over 10 years) is right around 10 mpg sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. With a 135 usable gallons I generally run it down to not much less than 1/2 tank. Now at full tank that 78 gal will bring mileage down to 9.56. 775 miles/9.56= 81 gal. So it costs me 3 gallons @ 2.75 = $8.25 to save 54.60. Net savings=$46.35 Not totally accurate but after 10 years of experience with my current rig I know lots of fuel onboard is the right way to go for us. With gas buddy we can get a general idea of where to make a stop and minimize my fuel costs, not to mention the inconvenience of having to stop for fuel every 200 - 250 miles. And have you ever been stuck on the interstate where there has been an accident? Don't want to run out of fuel there. I did this not trying to justify it, just curious. Did I make a math mistake somewhere? Leaning to the Aluminum DeeZee "L" shaped 80, 92 or 98 gal or a aluminum rectangular 106 gal
  6. Yes, I have seen those offered but I want my spare tire too. Here is a link. http://titanfueltanks.com/products/spare-tire-tanks
  7. We recently had an experience at a dealer where they will not operate or demonstrate any item on the rig until it is paid for in full. But they "guarantee" everything will work when you come to pick it up. Ha! Ha! Ha!
  8. Thank you for all the great responses. Looking at several of them, no need to hurry though.
  9. Ok, thanks. Now a curve ball, my trailer has a rigid pin box (on edit, it has a Demco glide ride pin head, but still would like comments on the BD3 or possibly replace the Demco with a FlexAir 21K) so I'm also looking at the air hitch BD3 but it is only 18K and am pretty close at 17,500. Comments are appreciated. Thanks for all your help Another edit. I see the specs on the Demco (which is on the trailer) glide ride are 18,000lb.
  10. I am new to the fifth wheel arena so please bear with me. I searched the forum for "auxiliary Fuel tanks" and could not find anything. The stock tank is only 32 gallons so I am looking for something like this 80 gallon aluminum tank. Dee Zee DZ91767X Specialty Series: Auxiliary Transfer Tank https://www.deezee.com/product/l-shape-auxiliary-tank-brite-tread/ Can you experienced truck/fifth wheel escapees share pros and cons and if installed any particular brands etc. thank you.
  11. I see it as a safety device.With hydraulic front levelers a failure of a cylinder or hose while you may be underneath the front would surely ruin your day, same would apply to electric jacks, a failure could drop the front. Good luck
  12. Thanks Tom, After researching and going over many reviews it looks like the B&W is the more robust hitch. I am going with that one. Thanks again
  13. Can you share your experience with either if these two hitches. Intended for use in a Ram 3500 Crewcab 4x4 diesel (3:73 axles) with 5th wheel towing prep. Towing a 14K (empty) - 17,500 (gvw) fifthe wheel Thanks.
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