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  1. Never give up or sign over the title until the final buyer is ready to hand over cash. And when you do sign the title make sure the buyer handing you the payment signs the title. good luck
  2. EAR PLUGS, Don't leave home without them.
  3. This has happened several times this winter season here at the park we are staying at, except the incidents were not exclusive to any one type of camper. Some class A's and fifth wheels were involved. One must never be in a hurry getting out the door, it's a long way down and usually right onto concrete. Hope she is OK. Congratulations on the sale.
  4. The Day's End directory allows you to download a PDF or other file so that you can access the info offline. A great deal with good info. At one point the data was available to upload into MS Street and Trips via the Discovery Owners Assn POI Megafile also allowing excellent offline trip planning http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfo.htm
  5. My 2017 Nationwide fulltimers policy went up by 30% with no claims and no coverage changes. We reduced the agreed value a bit to hold the increase to 19%. In the past 4-5 years the increases have been in the 6-10% range while the agreed value remained the same so I felt the large jump this year was probably just catch up as the economy improves. We checked 3 other insurance companies and no one could come close to the cost and coverage. Good luck.
  6. 5x5 PVC fence post also works well for this. Most Home Depot's or Lowes carry it.
  7. A couple of years ago I saw one of the high end Sprinter type class B RV's with a cassette toilet and the tank portion was designed to be removed from the outside with access through a hinged door. It was a very well designed system. It would be nice if you could remove the whole thing from the outside but that is certainly not necessary. In an older trailer we used a cassette toilet and it worked great for us. A while back we lived in a house that had constant sewer problems in the street and kept the cassette toilet around for times when the street sewer was unavailable, which could be 4+ days. Recently, while staying in the RV at my son’s property with no sewer hookup we would use it during the night. The cassette toilet made things very convenient. The 6 gallon one is what we used. It is great for boondocking. After a few dumps you will figure out how to do it without any splashing or spillage when "things" plop out. The drain on mine is located on the top of the tank. I have seen some of the newer ones with the drain on the back. I believe that would be a bit harder to get a clean dump. Look at the pictures of this one in the links provided and see how the dump chute is made. That is similar to what I have and still keep at my son’s house. It is over 25 years old and looks like new except for a few scratches on the outside. I put some silicone grease on the rubber parts once in awhile and have never had any leaks on any of the seals in all that time. You won't get that kind of service from a ""regular" RV system". We used to use a toilet chemical to keep the odor down but now use some scented laundry detergent and it works fine. Good luck, https://www.amazon.com/Sanitation-Equipment-Passport-Potty-Liter/dp/B017NQJO7I https://www.walmart.com/ip/Global-Passport-4.8-Gallon-18-Liter-Portable-Toilet/12321234?action=product_interest&action_type=title&beacon_version=1.0.2&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&client_guid=04f62da5-ad55-4dea-8837-ef8f9f195b5e&config_id=106&customer_id_enc&findingMethod=p13n&guid=04f62da5-ad55-4dea-8837-ef8f9f195b5e&item_id=12321234&parent_anchor_item_id=10966280&parent_item_id=10966280&placement_id=irs-106-m2&reporter=recommendations&source=new_site&strategy=PWVAV&visitor_id=Ql3g9Y-RGey7aubD2WKuKY
  8. An often overlooked spec in the equation is the rear end gear ratio and it can make quite a bit of difference in how much hunting the transmission will do.
  9. I saw a camper with air mattresses stuffed under each slide top awnings and tied down at each end. The owner said it kept them from flapping and kept rain water from pooling in them. Wasn't pretty but it worked for him. Good luck
  10. Handy tip; An Infrared thermometer (such as a Harbor Freight one) aimed at panel connections, or any other connections, will reveal elevated temperatures at loose connections. good luck,
  11. Further research has answered some of my questions. Some info coming from here, https://handybobsolar.wordpress.com/inverter-issues-spring-2013/ It looks like Magnum is highly recommended
  12. Does anyone have any experience with any of these inverters? At Quartzsite CNBOU had a booth and I was looking at their 2000 Pure Sine Wave unit but could not evaluate the noise level due to the ambient noise in the tent. I have no idea about the GoPower except that it is not as heavy as the Samlex. To me, the Samlex PST-2000-12 looks like the best of the 3. It looks to have a more robust case with greater finned area to dissipate heat. This will be a stand alone inverter for a residential refrigerator and 900W microwave, not to be used at the same time. I would have to make sure the ref is off when running the microwave. Any and all opinions appreciated. Thank you,
  13. If in Yuma,AZ this dentist is great. He has done good work for us and he took us within a week on the first year. Now whenever we are in the area we go to him. We have encountered the same issue with dentists in larger cities. Apparently they don't need the work but we have had no problem in smaller cities/towns as has been noted. http://www.alexfreemandmd.com/
  14. In November, Florida to Los Angeles in a 36' class A towing a car at just over 60 mph, absolutely no issues with rough road conditions. There were a few rough spots but no really poor conditions.
  15. If from the southwest like Arizona it would be less likely to have any mold issues such as a rig kept in a humid area such as Florida etc. Good luck