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  1. WOW tried my own suggestion and called the travel inn and that went over like a box of rocks. and tried to call the spotted bull and yes they are suppose to be open today on Sunday and no one answers. What a great place NOT to visit. and yes a little crying in my beer, the calls I made was all long distance from a land line in MS. So yes I am really trying to help the OP🙈🙉🙉
  2. WOW!!! shoot the messenger, To bad that the old owners can't or would not change/delete there info from the internet via the web host. Also maybe a shame to the new owners for not updating the info and maybe looking at the web sites to verify the info is correct. the web site domain can't be responsible if the business owner do's not verify the info on there own site. To bad no one has been able to verify is the place still there TODAY!! Oh Well!!! I tried again and did not meet the standards of the posters. I know maybe call the travel inn 520--574-0191 just down the road and ask them really really nice
  3. Not sure if this will help. 13005 E. Benson Vail, AZ. shows 2 #'s 520-762-5000 and 520-762-8777 also at same address is vail steak house café and dinner maybe #'s changed and no one undated there on-line sites?
  4. Can you give floor plan info/model #. As per newmar ((breaker box under bed or in an overhead cabinet on or near the bedroom.(BUT LOCATION VARIES WITH FLOOR PLAN)). Sorry not much help. Maybe OP will give model # and floor plan info. Good luck UPDATE go to newmarcorps.com and go to bottom of page click on FAQ and look for site newgle Q. What about electric schematics, owner's manuals, installation instructions, wiring diagrams and other technical info? A. Newgle is an online database that contains helpful resources tailored to your specific Newmar coach. Looks like you have to signup/logon If you would like to speak to a Newmar Customer Service Representative, please call toll-free 1-(800)-731-8300 or email customerservice@newmarcorp.com P.s have not tried it but might help Good luck again
  5. Hi me again staffnon. OP joined 2015, now first post 2019. maybe he/she likes to read and follow RV traveling in the USA/Canada/Mexico and the ins and outs of RV living lifestyle and sites/places to visit and enjoy. OUTSTANDING this site has great info on all things traveling and living the RV lifestyle. people ask questions about a problem (plumbing/leveling/noise in A/C, engine, refer) and the first response back (more info) make/year/model/brand to help narrow down problem and get correct info. And 100% + times the correct info is given and or a direct link is given for exact wording and requirements for problem. So initial indirect questions got us here. and direct clarification got us here. Again great site for RV and lifestyle of/in traveling in the Americas. P.S. I joined 2011, read site about every other day +- but only log in to answer if I am sure I can contribute to the OP's question with hopeful correct links and info.
  6. Hi I am back me staffnon. It is a shame that the OP did not explain this at the beginning and a lot of his/her post. But I gave clear and direct info and then also asked for clarification of why an RV site and not SSA. ssa.gov/foreigne/foregin.htm gives a lot of info travel.state.gov also gives a lot of info on ssa benefits while overseas. irs.gov also covers living overseas and explains what benefits and regulations are required to be followed while living overseas both sites cover and explain the annual questioner All the above info I found by going to their web sites without logging in. for exact forms and direct documentation about self (him/her) they do require log in. also any U.S. Embassy or Consulate listed on travel.state.gov has info available. So again asking why an RV site and not one of sites that cover living overseas?
  7. to Justyn_Thyme I really don't understand your questions? Why ask this on a RV site and not a SSA site? go to MySocialSecurity page (you don't need to have an account to use search and menu option) and click on Search type Marriage and marriage, name change, & benefits, proof. click on one and read. Citizenship, status update, status, status change. and read. click on meu icon and type 1099 and look at answers, answer will be yes. for a Benefits statement not on line use SSA form SSA-7004 and mail. takes about 4-6 weeks So maybe you can explain why I was able to find this info, but you were not able to! I found every question you asked but did not answer all of them here, since you have been unable to explain why you can't find them. Also one last question/statement, list the nearest SSA office to you and explain why you can not make an appointment to ask your questions direct, and then maybe post your answers here for all to know. If not then maybe this is just a fraud/spammer looking for junk!!!!!
  8. staffnon


    Reply to Carlos, Why go to a non-hunting store for a camo backpack for deer hunting? REI is an outdoor adventure type store. There web site is all about the environment and saving the lands for all generations both public/private and federal. Go to there web- site rei.com There info on trails/camping/canoeing and all other outdoor activities. I have never seen anything to do with hunting in any of there stores, except for emergency defense items (bear repellent spray, noise bang/flash to scare wild animals off. Plus the OP was talking about Cabela's now part of Pro-Bass. And he was asking talking about over night parking and waste dumping.
  9. staffnon

    HDT Insurance

    As for State Farm in Alabama the agent should be able to look in the Commercial Truck section and narrow down the search to HDT and or Toter Home. If not then he calls the head office since they do insure your type of truck. he has to get to the right section and then the sub section. the words HDT toter or toterhome helps a lot Side note: if you get a quote on your truck and fiver, check other places as noted in other posts. A separate agent/broker can shop around were as a agent is regulated to the company he/she works for.
  10. staffnon

    AAFES online?

    Sorry to hear about the famcamps you experienced. would be nice to see the letters you wrote to the base Commander. and his/her replies. cause there is more then just the famcamps. as noted below. But OH!! well. safe travels. P.s. kind of off subject cause the OP, was about online shopping. Bowling centers Financial Counseling Arts and Crafts Spouse Employment Programs Golf courses In Theatre Support Health & Wellness Discounted Tickets Entertainment & Dining Military Discounts Family Programs Travel & Vacations Space-A Travel Youth Centers & Recreation Clubs Parks & Recreation Soldier Programs & Community Recreation Family Fitness Family and MWR Business InitiativesRead more: https://militarybenefits.info/morale-welfare-and-recreation-mwr-benefits/#ixzz5VRIJP6JE
  11. Docj=That is Good, Thanks, about colored card vice Black and White Print. I understand about online, but I just mentioned maybe about the color. in person/Dr. offices maybe different understanding/policies for different places. Me Myself and I, at hospital They required (if copy,color) they scanned both sides (back) for scan code. They then updated all clinics. Air force base same procedure. checked Tri4Life, they said they pulled from Medicare and they also noted air force showed update to DOD/Tri4life P.s. I'm USMC retired, but AF nearest base. So different strokes for different situations/locations.
  12. staffnon

    AAFES online?

    I use both Navy/MC exchange and or Airforce/Army exchange on line probably 1-2 times a month. But I am retired, USMC. I also use the star card FYI, go to (air force) shopmyexchange.com and click on veterans box and they will take you to the VOSB (veterans online service benefits) page and read thru FAQ, and should explain everything. go to (Navy) mynavyexchange.com and click link customer service, then click (need answers) the click FAQ, then VOSB, much the same info as other site. P.s. you don't need to log on for this info. This might explain/ answer more of the questions that come to mind.
  13. Go to medicare,gov and sign up if you haven't If logged on look to right for a box like area that shows info about new card. in that box if it also shows view and print your card click on that and you can print your new card. color printer needed cause a black and white card my no be accepted at dr's. lasted update on card info on site is Oct 15. also in that box like area there is a line (learn more about your new Medicare card) it will show map of mailing area in process and completed. A lot of info on that site. I wrote this after going to site and scribble noting info and then typing here. Way faster to go there yourself.
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