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  1. Sorry I took so long in up-dating this thread...thanks so much to all who responded!! My friends are still in a battle with the insurance company about the house and the insurance company will only pay for a rental RV while the house is either torn down and rebuilt or repaired...long story short they are in for a long battle, I am afraid!!
  2. They have a 1 ton dually to pull the RV with...Kirk, thanks, I will talk with them later on in the week and see exactly what type of information would help them. Budget wise, I think they are ok with a fiver in the higher price bracket if that's what they have to spend to get a decent quality fiver. They just don't want to spend money on something that will fall apart on the drive home. They will not be moving it around much, in fact it might be at one location for the entire time they are getting their house fixed/re-built.
  3. Friends of ours had their house almost completely destroyed in the tornadoes around Canton a couple of weeks ago and are now going to be homeless for probably a year while they haggle with the insurance company and then re-construct their house.They are looking at buying a fifth wheel to live in during this process and also to use afterward to do some camping in. They have three children (ages 9, 8 and 7)...I did tons of research on Class A's when we were looking for our RV but I know absolutely nothing about 5'ers except for what little I have read on these forums. From what I gather they, like Class A's, come in a large range of quality (and price). which manufacturers would you rate as good, fair, poor or great (in quality)?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. We are facing the same problem but we definitely want to go back with a microwave/convection. My wife has gotten pretty good at cooking with the convection oven and we use the microwave a ton...since it is older we are pretty sure we can find one with the same cooking capacity but smaller overall and hopefully less of a draw on the electric side...I am hoping to build some sort of cabinet around it to include some storage space for spices ect that clutters the kitchen cabinet and falls out when we open the door. Any suggestions or pics of re-models by any of you folks that are handy with wood??
  5. I definitely think you would have no problem on that budget!! Here is another thread that might help you get a feel for the budgets some of us live under.
  6. I would agree about the EDPM lasting longer than 5 years...we re-did ours last summer and it had lasted 15 years.
  7. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. As someone suggested above, try and make it to the Escapees headquarters in Livingston Tx. It's not to far and is a beuautiful drive from where you are. Take your time, enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers along the way, they are absolutely stunning right now in Texas. I think you will find lots of support and help at the Escapees park and lots of folks to talk to. At that point you can take a breather and relax for a while. When you are relaxed and refreshed you can make decisions with a clear mind and thought process. It's never good to make those decisions when stress levels are high, most of time those decisions turn out bad. Best of luck in whatever road you choose to travel down, life is way to short not to enjoy the journey!!
  9. Didn't say that WAS the reason...just listed a few obvious examples that might lead to a catastrophic tire failure that we, as new RV'ers might overlook and need to be aware of.
  10. Great advice...and that's why I posted the subject in the first place. So many beginners (like myself) depend on this site and the advice of folks that have been doing it for years for guidance that I figured a heads up about what COULD happen in a worst case scenario...just for an example...when I first started reading this site and learning I had no idea about looking at the tire code to find out the real age of the tires...invaluable information!! Thanks to all!!
  11. I think he meant that a blowout on a 5th wheel isn't as likely to lead to a life threatening accident...I also see lots and lots of blow outs on TT'ers and 5th wheels because of dry rotted tires and low quality tires and while they are a pain in the rear they are normally not a threat to the driver/passengers like a catastrophic failure in a large Class A can be...while on the subject...I see many of the large RV's that are powered by big diesel engines going 70+ on the interstates...couldn't that also be a contributing factor in the seriousness of the accident?? I know that while my RV CAN easily get to 70 I just don't feel as comfortable and usually try to keep it around 60 for safety reasons...thoughts??
  12. Tragic accident that took a father and sons life!! Just wanted to remind everyone how important tire maintenance as well as age and condition of your tires are...especially the new comers and folks that are looking at used RV's to check the date codes on the units they are considering to buy...just because the unit is low mileage doesn't mean the tires are good to go!!
  13. Great advice already from folks that have wayyyyy more knowledge about RV'ing that me so I will just welcome you with a big hello and congrats on finding the best place to get just about any type of information you will need...the one thing that I would add is the main thing I did and that was to spend hours reading all the different forums and topics on this board...and don't get overwhelmed by information overload, it will all make sense sooner or later!!!
  14. Thanks guys!! brucet, that would be my kind of luck!!!
  15. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your won't be "friendless" very long!!! The Escapees and RV'ers in general are some of the most helpful and friendliest folks you will ever meet!! Don't be shy about asking for assistance on places to go and things to see, there are so many folks on this site that have been full timing for a long time and are extremely helpful with any thing you might need help with. Many of them have blogs you might want to read while you are planning your trip. That helped us tremendously. Safe travels!!