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  1. Didn't say that WAS the reason...just listed a few obvious examples that might lead to a catastrophic tire failure that we, as new RV'ers might overlook and need to be aware of.
  2. Great advice...and that's why I posted the subject in the first place. So many beginners (like myself) depend on this site and the advice of folks that have been doing it for years for guidance that I figured a heads up about what COULD happen in a worst case scenario...just for an example...when I first started reading this site and learning I had no idea about looking at the tire code to find out the real age of the tires...invaluable information!! Thanks to all!!
  3. I think he meant that a blowout on a 5th wheel isn't as likely to lead to a life threatening accident...I also see lots and lots of blow outs on TT'ers and 5th wheels because of dry rotted tires and low quality tires and while they are a pain in the rear they are normally not a threat to the driver/passengers like a catastrophic failure in a large Class A can be...while on the subject...I see many of the large RV's that are powered by big diesel engines going 70+ on the interstates...couldn't that also be a contributing factor in the seriousness of the accident?? I know that while my RV CAN easily get to 70 I just don't feel as comfortable and usually try to keep it around 60 for safety reasons...thoughts??
  4. Tragic accident that took a father and sons life!! Just wanted to remind everyone how important tire maintenance as well as age and condition of your tires are...especially the new comers and folks that are looking at used RV's to check the date codes on the units they are considering to buy...just because the unit is low mileage doesn't mean the tires are good to go!!
  5. Great advice already from folks that have wayyyyy more knowledge about RV'ing that me so I will just welcome you with a big hello and congrats on finding the best place to get just about any type of information you will need...the one thing that I would add is the main thing I did and that was to spend hours reading all the different forums and topics on this board...and don't get overwhelmed by information overload, it will all make sense sooner or later!!!
  6. Thanks guys!! brucet, that would be my kind of luck!!!
  7. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your won't be "friendless" very long!!! The Escapees and RV'ers in general are some of the most helpful and friendliest folks you will ever meet!! Don't be shy about asking for assistance on places to go and things to see, there are so many folks on this site that have been full timing for a long time and are extremely helpful with any thing you might need help with. Many of them have blogs you might want to read while you are planning your trip. That helped us tremendously. Safe travels!!
  8. Could care less what it looks like as long as I can access it and the same folks are sharing their vast knowledge about RV'ing...thanks again for all the people that take the time to help those of us who are still "newbies"!!!!
  9. Thanks Greg. I will take a look at that/
  10. I agree Kirk, we lived down south of Corpus for a year and absolutely loved fact we felt safer there than when we lived near the Mexia area!!! One of the only Wal-Marts that ever shut down (because of a huge problem with theft) was in Marlin, not far from Mexia!!!
  11. Thanks for starting this thread, we rented a u-haul tow dolly last summer and are seriously considering buying one also. The main reason is that we love the car that we have (and it is paid for!!) and it is not towable four down so buying a tow dolly is the cheapest and easiest route for us to go.
  12. 99 Fleetwood Discovery with one large living room slide. We re-sealed the roof last summer and everything is good there. About a month ago we noticed a wet spot directly behind the drivers seat at the corner of the slide and body of the coach. It only leaks when the slide is out, completely dry when slide is in. No water marks on the inside walls or windows. Is this a failure of the rubber "D" gasket that goes around the slide and seals when the slide is all the way out? Any other ideas?? Thank you in advance!
  13. Doubt you will have much interest unless you put more information, link to pics ect ect.
  14. We have managed just fine for 3 years now on 30 noted above our Fleetwood will turn one of the AC's off when the microwave is going but we seldom have both units on at the same time. The front one cools the entire coach down just fine. We normally use gas for the hot water heater but have had no issue when we used the Camco add on unit that we installed to use electricity to heat the water. Guess it's what you get used to!
  15. We got the Camco unit and it is very easy to install. We used the electric outlet that was designed for the washer/dryer combo (we never use it) so we didn't have to do any major wiring. It comes with very good instructions and is very straightforward. As mentioned above it takes longer to heat up the hot water but I like having options. If we are in a hurry we use gas, but most of the time we use the electric option. We camp host and gate guard a lot so the electric bill is paid by the folks we are working for, that's another plus in my book!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do.