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  1. Hi Bob, I hope you will email me personally so I can talk back and forth about SCC. My email is billyines54@yahoo.com ...hey did you know that I am the artist who painted all the Breckenridge Murals. Hope to hear from you, Billy Ines

  2. Meter Technician Category: Technician Type: Employee Description: Job# 1526. Southern Cross Corp. has immediate openings for Natural Gas Meter Technicians. Work Schedule: Mon-Fri Work Location: Milwaukee, WI And a similar assignment in South Carolina Primary Duties and Responsibilities: ·Report to Gas Company as a representative of Southern Cross Corp. ·Job entails extensive walking over varying terrain, and in varying weather conditions. ·Detect, locate, and evaluate meters using prescribed procedures. ·Report leaks to Gas Company under contract. ·Complete required paperwork and sketches. ·Read Gas Company maps. ·Perform light manual labor. Follow all safety guidelines. Assist in training survey technician trainees and others. ·Survey Technician is responsible for the proper operation, field maintenance, and security of all assigned equipment. Requirements: Experience is an asset, but not mandatory. Education/Special Skills: ·High School Diploma or equivalent; valid Driver's License. ·Must have legible neat handwriting and be able to do simple location sketches. ·Must be able to read, write and understand English. Interrelationship and/or Supervisory Skills Needed: ·Must be able to service and maintain meter set and be able report conditions to the Gas Company. ·Must enter private property to service meters and be able to respond to questions from the public without causing undue anxiety. ·Must be able to coordinate survey with Gas Company personnel. Training: Company provided training. Salary of $11.00/hr during training. Paid $11.00-$14.00/hr once trained and certified. Requirements: Employment is contingent upon acceptable completion of substance abuse screening and criminal background checks. Location Milwaukee , WI and South Carolina Minimum Experience (yrs): Required Education: High School/GED Bob Arnold
  3. I'm Bob Arnold, I started this thread when I worked for Southern Cross. I had to leave because of medical reason, but would still be working for them if I could. Sherman called me since he knew I had this thread, and because people would mention my name when they called. They are hiring daily, no teams anymore, he also sent me this notice. Southern Cross has a new contract for changing out gas meters. This project includes changing out meters, cleaning and painting associated piping, inspections for safety and re-lighting of gas appliances. Project starts in Charleston/Summerville, SC. Length of project is 2 years but we need start up personnel for 2 months. Project training starts July 6. If you would like to be considered for this project, please contact Sherman Carlton or Frank Petroski immediately. Contact information is below. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a new project. Or, if you know someone with re-light knowledge and/or experience and is interested, the can contact Frank or Sherman. Frank T. Petroski, Jr. Executive Vice President Southern Cross Corp. fpetroski@southerncrosscorp.com (O)770.441.0403 ©770.335.8226 From time to time I will post jobs as Sherman send them to me< but it would be best if someone that worked for them now, would take over and provide current information. Best of luck to you all Bob Arnold
  4. You might want to give them a call, they are looking for someone now for SC. Bob Arnold
  5. On each job you receive an allowance for the use of your car/truck. You are paid a sum of money per hour for this. The amount is based on location of assignment, but if you feel that you need more, than the company is offering, then you can ask for more and state the reason you need more. You are paid 64 cents a mile, for travel between assignment, plus a days lodging. You have to submite an expense sheet. This what I do before I take a job with SCC. I ask what the job pays, ie travel, car expense, and weekly lodging amount. My hourly pay is already set and has nothing to do with the job. Plus I ask for a copy of the workorder, which tells me what the job requires of me. I have turned jobs down because of that is required on the job. I have worked for SCC since 2001, on a seasonal base. I have not gotten everything I wanted, but have gotten most of what I requested. This is base on give and take. SCC is still looking for people for jobs they have available. You can call 7708103520 and ask for Sherman carlton or just tell the operator that you need to speak to some one about applying for a job. Bob Arnold currently on survey job in Weatherford, Tx
  6. Just an Update on this year surveying. Right now I'm just starting a job in Lamar, Co, after working on a Survey in Canon City, Co. This survey and Canon City are for ATMOS Energey. The survey required Two techs. Canon City took about 10 days, Then we moved to Lamar, which will also consist of several small town in the area. I'll stay here until about the middle of May, then move to Texas, for Surveys in Breckenridge, Mineral Well and Weatherford area. Larry the tech I'm working with will finish Lamar and move to Ulyssey, Ks and work in the towns of Johnson and Syracuse. Then on too who knows where. Southern Cross is still in need of workers Bob
  7. SideRoads Glad to have you with us. I'm in Brownsville, Tn just east of memphis off I40. Will be hear for about a month. Then hopefully back to Texas. Don't think I would go to Rohda Island, Campgrounds would be few and expensive. Let me know where you get to work. Bob
  8. Southern Cross is in need for more Survey tech. the season is starting up and they have more jobs, than tech. If you would like a job and are ready to go to work, Give the following a call. Cullen Broome 770-810-3520 or Sherman carlton 770-527-1687 I know it is a long thread, but if you start a thr beginning and ready to the end, most of your question about the job, will be found there. I do't have email where I'm at, so I have to drive to another town to get my email. It may take time to answer your question. Thanks Bob
  9. Thanks for the information, I am staying at the park now. start the job on the 17th, 3 mos will be alright if it not because of rain. hate sitting around. BTW see that you are in Santa Rosa, hows that job going. no WIFI at park, have to go to jackson to get email. Bob
  10. Jones park is located just off the interstate 85, they only have a daily rate, but that will let you find out who your trainer will be an what area of he or she works at. Jones is a safe park, just not a nice park for long term stayes. gravel lot and pad.That where I stay when I pass thru and have to stop by the office. When I tained I work downtown area and stayed at park off I20 East of town, I think it was called two river, some stayed in Marietta, and worked downtown, I think it was a KOA. If it was me I would stay at Jones for about 3-4 days. That should give you time, and it the closes to the Norcross off. Bob
  11. Time to get back on the road again. I usally do not start until mid of march or 1st of April, but this year I start drawing SS and I will be limited to 13500. So DW and I started talking an she came up with the conculsion that she wanted to start traveling for pleasure this fall around sept. So I should hit my max around then our sooner, which will depend on the jobs Itake this year. I have to go for a four day guided job in Sweetwater, Tn starting 10th of Mar. By guided, I mean a gas company person will drive me around and piont out the lines and meters. This is not bad, because they usally punch the hole I need and the survey goes faster. Then its off to Brownsville, Tn for a 25 day guided survey, by 4 and 25 day survey I mean that what the workorder states, but each may take longer and that is understood by each company. ie weather, other jobs that take your guided away. But the clock and time keep ticking. Then I've been ask to return to salt Lake city again this year. I told the company that this year I would perfer to stay closer to home base. ie TX, MS, OK, LA or AL., But am willing to talk about it and may go if the jobs in the other places are not my kind of job.With SCC you can state your preferance and with alittle give and take you can get about what you want, but the company in bussiness to make money, not keep me happy all the time, so I may make it to Salt Lake again, but I'll still get something in return. Like a job I really want next year or a little extra something. Guided jobs and job where you a fellow surveyer are ok, but I perfer to work alone, just give me a workorder and maps, I set my own pace an If something goes wrong with the survey, its only my fault. I like jobs that let me work 9 or 10hrs days, that way I make My money mark sooner, and If it rains me out one day, I still get a 40 hour week. I you work with a team, they might not want to work that many hours, and as a team, in most cases all work the same hours. Thoses of you just starting out this year, congrads, and enjoy your work. I u have question call me. 770-294-0850 company phone. Just tell the company what you want, be flexible in your wants, and rembember not all jobs or the same, so how you do it on one job, wil may not be the same on the next, only the basic surveying will remain the same. when in doubt call your upervisor. Bob
  12. Do not make along comitment to a park, before you find out where your trainer works. Stay at Jones for at least a day or two, it the closes to norcross office. Your trainer may be in town or out of towm. When I trained it was downtown Altanta, and I stay nearly all most 20 miles away from norcross. On rainy days classes where held at norcross, but most if not all training is on the job now adays with little class room time.Talk to Cullen, when you get there. Bob
  13. Thanks for putting my name as a referral. I live in TX ans as the above post said, They only collect taxes for the state that is ypur home state. You will only pay taxes on your base pay, bonus,and acouple of other things that you may get or not in your pay. They do not taxs travel or milages, vehicle use pay or the weekly travel allowance. in 2007 I paid taxes on 15,520, but I drew over 32,000 in pay and allowances. This year I can only make 13500 in taxable incomem since I will draw SS this year. I'll just let the companyknow when I'm close to those number and call it a season. I would still check with a tax company, just for your on peace of mind. Bob
  14. Transmittion lines can be miles long or short sections. You need someone to pick you up a certain spots on the line. usally it your spouse, for which they are paid as a helper. This work out in a good way as long as you can count on them staying for the whole job. Thats one reason I don't work trans line. DW has to go home to take care of her mother. Taxes are baased on legal home resident. MY legal resident is Livingston, Tx. Bob
  15. SCC does wourk in FL. The web site job are mostly prement positions. Bob
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