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  1. MarkB

    Thor Aria

    Thanks for responding, I may not be that good with Facebook, I found only two groups and both were private. There was one other group for Thor complaints but it had six members and few comments.
  2. MarkB

    Thor Aria

    I'd like to hear from owners of Thor motorhomes and in particular the Thor Aria. I really like the Aria on paper, but I'm wondering how it performs, how is the craftsmanship and are they problem free or are you frequently having it in for repairs. I'm posting this because I've seen some poor reviews but also believe that people that have issues are the only people that write reviews so I may not be getting the full picture here. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all of the thoughts, still a tough decision. I'm probably not going to be a full timer, but I can see myself out in the RV for weeks or even months at a time. I want something comfortable, the 5th wheel looks more comfortable to me, but I just don't want to drive the massive truck as the daily driver.
  4. I'm considering my first RV and I'd like to hear advice and experiences from others. From a comfort perspective I'd love to have a 38 foot quality 5th wheel and it seems like I'd need a fairly large truck to pull that kind of RV. The primary pluses are the great floor plans one can get with a 5th wheel and the comfort, the down side is needing to drive the large truck around as your only transportation, especially in national parks where I like to pull off and see the sights. The plus for a motorhome is that I can tow a smaller vehicle for my transportation but the downside is that the motorhomes have additional drive train components to maintain and the floor plans do not seem as good as those of the fifth wheels. With both options I'm concerned about the length, I'd love to use national park camp grounds but I've read that many of them are limited from a length perspective to 30 feet, which these days is on the smaller side for a comfortable RV.
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