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  1. So I recently de-winterized my motorhome in preparation for my first trip next weekend. As part of the de-winterizing process I ran the washer for a cycle to flush out the pink stuff. I tried to blow out the airlines by hooking up a compressor and turning on all the faucets. I did not do anything with the washer or the refrigerator icemaker. I did leave open up the low point drains and drain all the tanks. I'm worried now because the temps are supposed to drop tonight to 25 degrees. I thought I read somewhere that the washer might still have water in it somewhere that could damage the washer and that I'm unsure if gravity would have drained the water lines to the washer and the icemaker. I would appreciate advice here. My motorhome is at a storage lot and so my only potential strategy would be to bring in to my house tonight and run the furnace or a small electric heater to keep it warm inside.
  2. I just went through that decision myself. I kept my choice to under 35 feet because I wanted to be able to park in more places and national parks. I like the fifth wheels from a livability perspective, but what I did not like is that I'd need a large truck to pull it. Once parked I wanted a more nimble vehicle to go exploring. Two months ago I purchase a 35 foot motorhome and then a month ago I purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee to flat tow.
  3. I am comfortable working with 110. It is a residential refrigerator.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, its good to get some confirmations.
  5. I've been reading the guidance on winterizing that is provided for my Motorhome and I am left with a couple of questions. The guidance states to bypass the water heater and sure enough, I see a bypass position in my wet bay. My question is if I bypass the water heater how are the lines that run to the water heater protected from freezing? I understand to drain the water heater tank, but aren't there water lines that run from the wet bay to the water heater? I see similar instructions for the ice maker, the instructions state to either bypass or turn off the supply to the refrigerator. Same question, how are those lines then protected? I presume if I turn it off there is still water in the line and if I disconnect it how do I get antifreeze in the line up to the point where its disconnected? Its a used motorhome and it came winterized and I noticed antifreeze in the freezer. so apparently they somehow got the antifreeze to run into the icemaker, wondering now how to get it out? Thanks, Mark
  6. I had a reservation there for September 2021 and it was cancelled so I had to move to West Yellowstone. They said they would give people like me preference for 2022, but not sure I want to go back so soon.
  7. Thanks for all the comments, seems like no one likes the flat connectors and opts to the 6 or 7 pin. My wire harness is supposed to just plug into the existing tail light system, so I'm hoping that all I need to do is plug them in and run the wire to the front. Looks like I may then cut off the flat 4 wire and install a 6 wire. My brother is helping and he is a Jeep/Chrysler mechanic.
  8. I plan to tow a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee and purchased a custom wiring harness from Blue Ox for that specific model. The harness connects to the rear lights and runs to the front of the vehicle where it terminates with a four wire flat plug. The directions suggest mounting the flat four-wire plug on a frame crossmember near the upper front portion of the engine compartment. They then supplied a four foot wire with a male four-wire flat plug on one end and a female four-wire flat plug on the other end. This wire is somehow supposed to connect the towed vehicle to the motor home. Lots of things wrong with that, my motor home does not have a four-wire plug, only a seven-wire and then four feet is not nearly enough wire to go from the towed vehicle to the motor home. So what kind of setup do most people have to connect their towed vehicle wiring to their motorhome? I've considered a 7 to 4 cable and I've considered installing a six wire plug in the lower grill, cutting off the four-wire flat plug and connecting those wires to the six-wire plug and then use the more standard 7 to 6 wire cable.
  9. MarkB

    Thor Aria

    Thanks for responding, I may not be that good with Facebook, I found only two groups and both were private. There was one other group for Thor complaints but it had six members and few comments.
  10. MarkB

    Thor Aria

    I'd like to hear from owners of Thor motorhomes and in particular the Thor Aria. I really like the Aria on paper, but I'm wondering how it performs, how is the craftsmanship and are they problem free or are you frequently having it in for repairs. I'm posting this because I've seen some poor reviews but also believe that people that have issues are the only people that write reviews so I may not be getting the full picture here. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all of the thoughts, still a tough decision. I'm probably not going to be a full timer, but I can see myself out in the RV for weeks or even months at a time. I want something comfortable, the 5th wheel looks more comfortable to me, but I just don't want to drive the massive truck as the daily driver.
  12. I'm considering my first RV and I'd like to hear advice and experiences from others. From a comfort perspective I'd love to have a 38 foot quality 5th wheel and it seems like I'd need a fairly large truck to pull that kind of RV. The primary pluses are the great floor plans one can get with a 5th wheel and the comfort, the down side is needing to drive the large truck around as your only transportation, especially in national parks where I like to pull off and see the sights. The plus for a motorhome is that I can tow a smaller vehicle for my transportation but the downside is that the motorhomes have additional drive train components to maintain and the floor plans do not seem as good as those of the fifth wheels. With both options I'm concerned about the length, I'd love to use national park camp grounds but I've read that many of them are limited from a length perspective to 30 feet, which these days is on the smaller side for a comfortable RV.
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