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How to enable Linux on your Chromebook (and why you should)

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Since some here use Chromebooks this may be helpful:


"Want to get more from your Chromebook? Add Linux support!

Chromebooks are outstanding options for so many types of users...students, grandparents, children, or anyone that needs a reliable, simple to use laptop. But for those who need a more traditional operating system, are they even an option? 

Well, a few years ago, Google made it possible to add Linux support to ChromeOS. By doing this, anyone could install Linux apps on their Chromebook and take advantage of traditional GUI software and even make use of the command line interface.

For any Chromebook user who'd like to be able to run more standard applications, this is a great way to expand ChromeOS. And, because it's Linux, there are tons of software that can be installed. For instance, if you prefer a regular email client, you can install the likes of Thunderbird or Geary. Want a different browser? Install Firefox. Need an image editor? Install GIMP. You can even install a full-blown office suite like LibreOffice.

There's much more that can be done, after adding Linux support to ChromeOS. For example, you can install Docker and develop containers. 

Below I'll show you how to add Linux support to your Chromebook and how to install your first application."



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