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Lowell Olson


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I have a 2007 Teton Royal that has a 4 point level system with a ground control

On a tethered control box. It has rocker switches for front and rear left and right and extend

and retract. Made by Lippert. The jacks are hydraulic 

Can not find any info on this

Can you help

The. Lippert website  only deals with the new auto level  stuff



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What info are you looking for? I have a 2007 Teton Experience with the same system.  I usually use the front or rear switches together to raise/lower the jacks.  If the unit is not level I select the single switch that will level it.  The individual jacks are not powerful enough to raise the entire area off the ground as some motor homes are said to do (to change a tire, etc). Hope this helps some.


















'08 Chebbie K3500; '07 Teton Sunrise Experience;
Native Texan/Transplanted Tarheel; Retired USMC


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