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2022 Escapade is getting close, but no blog posts?


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Welcome to the forums! Do you mind sharing what it is that you are looking for? Since the forum isn't the primary information source or even the most used one, but any questions are answered here. The best source for complete information is the Escapade Web Page and that is kept current. If you are registered be sure to sign up for the Escapade Extras, which is the Escapade newspaper and is updated frequently and published daily during the event. Feel free to ask anything you wish here as there are several of us on the forum that are part of the Escapade staff and others who attend frequently. 

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13 hours ago, BonnieR said:

this is my first time - will we be escorted to our parking space ?

First, just so that you know I was the Security Team Leader for 5 years and a member of the security team (who works very closely with the parking team) for the past 10 escapades. I'll be happy to answer any question that I can and will point you to the right place to get any answer that I don't know. 

All arriving RVs are not only directed to the appropriate site but there are people who direct you at all times until you are parked. Parking for attendees will beging on Friday and end on Sunday just prior to opening of the event. Parking is available from 8 am to 2 pm each of those days. In 2021 in Rock Springs we parked just over 900 RVs for the event and registration was closed because they had reached the maximum number of attendees that the Covid rules allowed for that facility. Since those restrictions have been lifted and the Pima County Fairgrounds has space for more than we used last time we were there, I would expect the numbers to increase from the 800+ RVs that we had there back in 2019, when last there.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish and we will be happy to respond! As we get closer to the March event you will see more activity on the forums about it. 

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