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UBS: Wealthy warm to sustainability; aim to protect assets from Biden tax changes


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The emphasis and understanding is changing.


"Sustainable investing is becoming a bigger driver of investor decisions, according to new data from UBS, which found that the wealthy are looking to boost their portfolios with sustainable assets.

UBS Global Wealth Management’s quarterly sentiment survey, which polled over 3,000 investors and 1200 business owners with at least $1 million across 15 markets, found sustainability is more important to wealthy investors than ever. Climate change is becoming an increasingly pertinent topic driving policy and markets.

According to the findings, a majority expect sustainable investing to “match or exceed those of traditional investments with 69% seeking advice on increasing their portfolio allocation.” Meanwhile, 67% are optimistic about their regional economy, and 63% are bullish on stocks, with 61% expressing a positive view about the next 12 months.

However, concerns over coming tax increases, soaring inflation and a polarized political environment are unsettling some.

Although major U.S. stock benchmarks set record highs this week and third quarter earnings are on a roll, President Biden’s proposal to raise taxes on investment income for wealthy Americans looms large. UBS found that 59% of investors said they approve of the administration's budget plan, compared to 41% who disapprove of it.

There's a “little hesitation on investors' part. They’re still basically planning to increase investments in the coming months but just a little uncertainty,” Jeff Scott, head of client insights at UBS, said in an interview.

“Some of that stems from what's going on in Washington with multiple proposals on the table and being discussed. There's a lot of interest among clients and investors [about] what should I be doing to prepare for changes to tax policy?,” Scott added.

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