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Garmin RV 890?


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I've been a long time Garmin fan (although still annoyed with them when they killed Delorme) & I have one.  Since my trailer is small enough that I rarely need the RV functions, I purchased it for the display size & as an update to my current NUVI 3580.  

Excellent screen quality (it is actually a modified Android tablet), fast response, and lots of extras.  The larger screen size gives you much more "information" adjacent to your route, much like the older Delorme Street Atlas.  That alone makes it a winner. You will not be able to use a previous "sandbag" mount & I don't like the windshield mount.  I am using the smaller mount that came with it, combined with some VHB tape to mount it on the dash of my F 150.  

No long trips so far, but I like it.

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As far as I am able to tell for the Garmin website, the 890 is very similar to the 770 that we have been using for several years now, but larger. We have been very happy with our 770 and it is the fourth or fifth GPS that we have had from Garmin. We had an early Rand RV-GPS and were not happy with it. 

Just remember that with any GPS you still need to use good judgment as none of them are yet 100% accurate, everywhere all of the time. 

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A word of caution on the RV890. Zoe is the only voice that works. If that's acceptable you're good to go. I tried to change voices & after hours with multiple techs and even a replacement device they only tell me that a "fix" is on the way. Others I have talked with tell me that they were told the Zoe is the only voice that works.

Other than that, it's a great little device.

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