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Warren Bridge road N of Pinedale WY on 191


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OK this area is found by turning right (coming from the south/Pinedale on Hwy 191) onto the Warren Bridge Road. A good gravel road which runs next to the Green River. It eventually ends up at the pass over the Wind River Range. There are a number of designated BLM boondocking areas along the river, all marked with a 'turn here sign'


Area 4&5 sign as an example

People can and do camp anywhere they dfind a good spot tho, but if you want to be on or near the siver then these areas are the best. There are at least seven of these areas, that's when we gave up and turned around. I wanted to camp here but we were already boondocking at New Forks, the next day was Friday and I thoiught that the place would be filled by the time we moved. It was already about 75% full. There are a lot of tenters taking up spots:


This is a typical  campsite with table and fire box


The last area that we looked at number 7 is the largest:


If you look you'll see RV's all up and down the river. I did not drive doi\wn there.



OK comments on some of the other sites, site one I would walk out before driving it looks like you could get stuck down there and not have enough room for a turn around when towing. I did not drive all the way down tho. And last I think it was area 6 where the sign said no developed RV sites but that is not true, there were several. The road is the roughest of the the lot tho.

So suggestions, get there early in the week. The locals are out fishing and camping otherwise.




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