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Frame Rail Extensions


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I have two 5’ sections of Volvo frame rail if anyone is in need to extend your frame. This was for my 99 610 truck. They are square cut on both ends as I just flipped them over and bolted to my frame on that truck. They are located in Snohomish Wa, north of Seattle and free if they can help someone else. Otherwise I will just be sending to the scrap pile. 

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Being new to this forum... I can’t find the thread where we had our discussions about shipping.  I hope this gets to you all the same.  

Thank you for all your effort to ship your rails to me. 

I was able to get them fabricated locally for $90 each.  I even added a nice taper to the top (30” long with a taper from 12” down to 6” at the rear).  With the overlap on the original taper, I think I extended the frame about 19” or so... enough for my ET hitch and a gooseneck turn over ball behind.  

Thanks again for your help.  


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