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For those ignorant of Tesla as an investment


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When folks hear the word Tesla they generally only think of cars, or negatively solar panels and shingles. These are areas the oil guys write tons of misleading information about. But long term these are what kept my interest and not because of renewable energy but storing it. Or storing hydro if you have a location for a water wheel. Or have a geyser in your yard or you are in Iceland. For individuals the PowerWalls are about to get very interesting. They will be cheaper and last multiple lifetimes longer than current batteries. You can read about them on Battery day September 15th. As I have been doing here since 2003, I will be posting news of Tesla., Starlink, Tesla Energy, all things Elon Musk. Online you can read Teslarati. I have a subscription to help them keep going just like I held my stock eight years and urged others to hold theirs. If anyone here did through the under $200 prices in 2019 to now, they, like my son, are really happy. No regrets here because I am getting older and needed to move last year, liquidate several properties, and get my own Tesla, a Model Y. I'm going to register is in 30 minutes as we have to be masked and go by appointment which I made last week.

As investors whether you are into Tesla or not the strides, completed projects and current ones are going to surprise investors who had been and still are anti Tesla. I'm sorry (not really) for those who hate Elon Musk and have no clue. The website Teslarati handles all things Musk - Tesla as well as SpaceX. If you are an energy investor in oils and believe the drivel the Koch Brothers have been ing to be written thinking they can stop Elon they failed long ago. For those of you that have never driven one, do. It's free. For the rest Elon Musk has single handedly changed the direction of transportation. Oil is a dead man walking despite there being opportunities to buy and sell oil interests at the moment in time hindsight will call transition. 

Elon had broken ground on a new factory near Berlin, has one up and running in China, and just selected Texas for their Cyber Truck factory. He will be announcing significantly cheaper and much longer lasting batteries. 

Go here to see the industrial energy storage built and being built by Tesla in Australia, the UK, and well all over the world. Starlink should IPO in the near future so there is that.

But Musk's shenanigans can affect energy investments as well as auto industry.

Read Teslarati for all of those here: https://www.teslarati.com/category/tesla-energy/


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