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Super Buddy 29 Satellite Meter

Mark and Dale Bruss

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I forgot to bring my meter to the Rally for sale.  The Applied Instruments Super Buddy 29 is a meter that identifies the satellite it finds and only reports signal on the satellite you are looking for.  The entire North American Zip Code (US) and Postal Code (Canada) data base is built in and easily updated every so often on line. 

The Super Buddy 29 is a need when you want to aim a Dish TV Hopper 3.  On the Super Buddy will deal with Hybrid LNBF heads.  Once you lock onto the primary satellite, then you check the other (EA) or other two (WA) satellites.  With the Super Buddy 29, aiming the satellite is a couple of minutes proposition once the dish is erected. The Hopper 3 is not suited to aiming by ear because it pretty much needs to be on target to get through a Switch Check before you can view any transceiver strength.

The Hopper 3 adds so much to an RVer as it enables to watch anything asynchronously from actual viewing time and all the recordings and channels are available to any Joey for the bedroom and other TVs.

I put this up for offer to HDTers only.  The current Applied Instruments new is over $900 (X-3 and addition required module).  Usually any Super Buddy 29 on eBay has a bad battery if less than $350.

My Super Buddy 29 had a new battery installed last year as well as a new faceplate.  

For an HDTer, $300.

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Mark & Dale
Joey - 2016 Bounder 33C Tige - 2006 40' Travel Supreme
Sparky III - 2021 Mustang Mach-e, off the the Road since 2019
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