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AC solutions for a 25' travel trailer


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My boss has a 25' travel trailer and is running off grid.  He wants to know if it is possible for him to be gone for 5 days and have some sort of off-grid power source to run his air conditioning systems while he is away so his cat doesn't die.  Any solutions to this is VERY appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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I know it is being done. How well it actually works will depend on the target temperature, the ambient outside temperatures, how well insulated the trailer is, how large an area of the trailer will be cooled and what other electrical demands may also be required. Proper sizing of the battery bank and solar panels requires knowing the total energy demand and estimating the output of the solar panels that can be expected for the location. To truly guaranty success, one might need a generator with auto-start capability. If this will be just a one time occurrence, it may be far less costly to board the cat at a Vet or kennel. 

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Air conditioning systems?  I wonder how many BTUs, are we talking about, the rooftop air conditioner, maybe even 2 of them?  Trust an RV system with the life of one of my pets alone for 5 days?  My opinion is that this would be very unwise.  RVs are just too quirky!  



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