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I posted this on IRV2 also.

How does one use the new site? I just went on it and am trying to figure it out. I set my filters but the length filter doesn't seem to work(1st problem). I then don't know how to get out of filters to look at a list of sites available(2nd problem). Any guidance would be welcome.

My first take is that this new site is a step backwards, the other site was simple and fast to use. Maybe it is just me and I need to learn how to use this site.


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1 minute ago, SWharton said:

Flamingo shows up on the Everglade NP site so the assumption is that it is a NP CG. There should be at least a mention of Flamingo on recreation.gov and then a link.............................

I agree, but Recreation.gov is also privately operated, so links to competitor sites are not likely a priority. When Aspira (ReserveAmerica) had the Recreation.gov contract, there were many cross links between the two sites, but that's all gone now. I don't know if they linked to Guest Services though.

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