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need new insulation for my water heater

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I recently moved to Florida from the west where it's dry.  I put my trailer in storage for 4 months.  When I took it out of storage to get it ready to sell, the fiberglass and cardboard surrounding my water heater was soaked and moldy from repeated condensation.  Yes, I should have drained my tank, but wasn't thinking of the humidity problem having lived in the west all these years.  I discarded all the insulation and checked for leaks, and found none.  I've searched online for a replacement two-piece styrofoam and haven't found any yet.  Do anyone know where I can get one, or have a home made solution?  It's an Atwood 6.2 gal Model 6GA-7.  I need something that I can seal off, so I don't have the same problem later on.

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