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  1. GeorgiaHybrid, thanks for the reply. So you installed the stained glass only with no other glass or acrylic? Has the came turned white or other color? Did you use butyl tape or silicone to seal it?
  2. That's a good point, Big Rick. I would think some kind of cushioning on the bottom would be prudent. I have the stained glass piece, and I want to replace the "bathroom" glass that came with the trailer. I think adhering a piece of glass to the outside of it with caulking along the edge would go a long way in stabilizing it. Just wondering if anyone has done this. I saw some posts about it on the Escapees Facebook page (I think) a few weeks ago, but I can't find it now.
  3. I've done a search and come up empty on installing a stained glass window in the RV door. I've heard that some people add a piece of glass, acrylic, or lucite to the outside to protect the stained glass from the weather. Which is best, and what do you use for spacers between the two sheets of glass so the came doesn't get damaged or scratch the other sheet of glass. And, is there room for both pieces? I know I need some butyl tape, but could use some advice.
  4. I found a supplier for a styrofoam shroud that fits my tank, PantherRVproducts.com, by going to JustAsk.com. Paid $5 for a trial subscription and had an answer in 5 minutes. I love the internet!
  5. I recently moved to Florida from the west where it's dry. I put my trailer in storage for 4 months. When I took it out of storage to get it ready to sell, the fiberglass and cardboard surrounding my water heater was soaked and moldy from repeated condensation. Yes, I should have drained my tank, but wasn't thinking of the humidity problem having lived in the west all these years. I discarded all the insulation and checked for leaks, and found none. I've searched online for a replacement two-piece styrofoam and haven't found any yet. Do anyone know where I can get one, or have a home made
  6. This has been a great discussion. We decided to sell the Airstream and just purchased a toy hauler. Thanks for all your input.
  7. HeraHome, Thanks for the tip. We have ordered one from the local guy, don't know if it's a "New Jensen" or not, but will definitely keep that in mind if the one ordered doesn't fit. Have taken photos and showed it to them, and maybe this time, it will be the right one.
  8. It's just a 14" square ceiling vent, no fan. I didn't realize there were so many different hinge types. I thought it was a standard. Shows you what I know. LOL We don't have any service people in our area. I'll have to call Airstream, I guess.
  9. I need to replace a vent cover on my Airstream 2002. The "normal" ones don't seem to fit. Is there a special one for the Airstreams?
  10. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. Will take all comments under advisement.
  11. The Idaho Tote looks like what we need, thanks. Any idea how many states this would be legal in? (I like your quote about the motorcycles and growing up. LOL)
  12. We are researching motorcycle lifts for an 800 lb Harley that we would like to attach to our current 25' Airstream. Or, something with wheels that could be welded on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are able to carry another motorcycle, bicycles, and kayaks in the bed of the pickup, but, alas, there is no room for the Harley Electroglide. This would be a much less expensive solution to upgrading to a toy hauler.
  13. Mntom, my control unit is the Jade model shown on page 7 of the manual you sent me. Today, I lit the pilot, held it in place for 30 seconds, and turned it to on. The burner came on right away. I let it run for a minute then turned the temperature lever to the coolest setting, and the burner turned off. The pilot light stayed lit. I then turned the temperature lever to the middle setting and the burner roared to life again. I sat there for 20 minutes while it heated the water. The air shutter is about 1/3 open. I hesitate to change it because it's worked all these years in that position
  14. Mntom, thanks for the link to the manual. The troubleshooting guide gives me a couple of things to look at tomorrow morning. I will check the air tube adjustment first. The pilot lights OK, and the burner turns on and heats the water for one cycle, then the pilot light goes off. At least I think it's a full cycle, since I have plenty of hot water for a leisurely shower. It's not windy here, so that's not the issue. Appreciate any suggestions of what might be the problem.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Here's some more details: The Atwood water heater, Model G6A-7 is propane only, so no CHEAP way to replace it with a gas/electric unit. The wiring would be labor intensive ($), involving putting in a separate breaker for it, and this old trailer just isn't worth putting that much money into. I'm keeping up with the maintenance, but feel major upgrades would be money not well spent. I'm not sure if thermocouple is the right terminology, but the technician said that unit (everything but the tank) needs replacing, as the current one is obsolete and contains mercur
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