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New style Atwood furnace operation


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  This info may help if your are working on a new style Atwood furnace. If the exhaust pipe looks like this photo, it should put on the exhaust to make the furnace continue to have a flame.




.  It just mite help with your problem solving on this unit.


  Safe Travels today,.   Vern

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  When working on a Rv furnace that will not operate as it should, then you need to remove the exhaust pipe to get into the furnace for finding the problem.

 So after remoting the exhaust pipe then you need to remove the cover or in older Atwood furnaces lay the cover down as it is hinged at the bottom. Then you can work on most of the operating parts in front of you.

 So when working on the furnaces i normally will try the furnace with the exhaust pipe off.  And the older Atwoods and Suburbans will work for testing with the exhaust pipe off. That is just for testing the furnace for diagnosing and repairing the unit.


 But the Atwood with the non straight pipe the unit may have ignition, but the the flame may go out. Then relite and go out again.

 Install the exhaust pipe and it will operate. Hopefully.


  Now I am an Dometic/Atwood dealer. Just had one that would not operated no matter what I did or Atwood said to try.   That furnace is going back for the engineers to figure it out.


 I installed th new furnace and it would not stay burning. Tech service had me talk to an engineer and he said to put the exhaust pipe on and it worked as designed.


 Hope this clears this subject up,.   Vern

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