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Cummins ISL 9L Problems?


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I currently have almost a year old ISL and looking for some info. I was wondering if any of you guys have had any problems with the engine. Also, what do you think of buy Cummins extended warranty?

 Ed, Maribeth and Tyler
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The only problem I had with the engine was the EGR cooler leaked and plugged which was in the 2 year warranty about 23,000 miles. The  Catalyst failed about 24,000 miles was in emissions warranty and that time it was found that a Engine update had never been made plus Diamer had received a bad batch id Catalyst that even was used in Dodge Pickups.

My biggest complain on Cummins is their Diagnotics. I have had dash lights related to engine error but no Diagnotics errors OLD or NEW.

My biggest truck problem has been going to FL service shops that sends you out the door with a problem

Clay 2015 FL M-2 106 SportChassis approaching 42,000 miles

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I have a 2017 Freightliner with isl9 in it. Bought new in July of 17. It now has 70k on it. The def header has gone out twice in it with the last time being near Denver. I barely made it to a Freightliner shop before it derated and I had horses behind me. It’s a long story how it was eventually repaired but trans west in longamont treated me right. It was still under the emissions warranty.

I’m tempted to sell it and find a pre emission truck as I don’t want to pay 2k per year on a new def header. 


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